Bicycle Repair Stations provide basic bicycle repair capability to business districts and corridors that cater to bicyclists. Repair Stations feature a stand to mount a bicycle and contain the basic tools needed to perform do-it-yourself bicycle repair including screwdrivers, wrenches, and hex tools. Repair stations also feature a heavy duty bicycle pump with a pump head for both schrader and presta valves and connect users to detailed instructions for a wide variety of bicycle repairs-just a smart phone scan away.

Repair Stations create a helpful environment for people on bikes, which contributes to and enhances a neighborhood’s bicycle friendliness.  Making these available to the public is an effort by the City to encourage knowledge of bicycle repair and to make it a little easier for people on bicycles to get around and stay on the road.

In 2014, the City launched its Repair Station pilot program with the purchase of 11 Fixit stations. Purchase of the Repair Stations was made possible by a grant from People for Bikes. Repair Stations are the property of the City of Los Angeles and available for sponsorship on an application-based basis, provided requests meet location criteria and approval.

How to Apply for a Bicycle Repair Station

Repair Stations require a public-private partnership between the City and a Maintenance Sponsor. Businesses can apply if their preferred location meets the following criteria:

  • Sufficient public space: Repair Stations are installed in the street furniture zone of the public right-of-way and cannot interfere with access to parking, utilities, or other existing street uses
  • Highly visible: Repair Stations are located in front of the Maintenance Sponsor’s business
  • Concrete surface: Repair Stations can only be mounted on concrete
  • Close to bikeway: Repair Stations are installed on corridors on or close to a designated bikeway or with high bicycle ridership
  • Bicycle-friendly district: Repair Stations near bicycle corral locations and bicycle friendly businesses are preferred

If you are interested in partnering with the City and sponsoring a Repair Station, please Contact us.