The Bicycle Program is a group within the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s Active Transportation Division.  The Bicycle Program includes two groups: Bicycle Outreach and Planning and Bikeways Engineering, that work together to implement bikeways and programs that support bicycling in Los Angeles.

Within the Active Transportation Division, the Bicycle Program works closely with the Pedestrian Program and People St to design and implement complete streets solutions for Los Angeles. Outside of the Department, the group collaborates with the Mayor’s Great Streets Studio, the Department of City Planning, and individual Council District Offices on projects throughout Los Angeles.

Bicycle Program Staff

LADOT Bicycle Program staff tasked with Bikeways Engineering seek funding for, develop, and engineer bikeways with the support of the Department of Public Works’ Bureaus of Engineering, Street Lighting and Street Services. Staff tasked with Bicycle Outreach & Planning provide outreach to the public, participate in planning efforts, and implement programs and special projects and programs to facilitate the use of the bicycle for everyday transportation and recreation.

Research & Publications

The LADOT Bicycle Program produces and contributes to a number of original publications including the #LeapLA Blog, research, studies, and more.

LADOT Active Transportation Original Research

Research Collaborations

Countywide Studies

Bicycling Research