Traction Street Bicycle Corral

What is a Bicycle Corral?

Bicycle Corrals are part of LADOT’s toolkit to achieve Great Streets for Los Angeles.   A Bicycle Corral is an on-street bicycle parking facility that can accommodate many more bicycles than a typical sidewalk rack.  They are especially useful in areas with narrow sidewalks or areas that attract a large number of people walking, where it would be impractical or obstructive to install a sidewalk rack.

The LADOT Bicycle Corrals replace one auto parking space and are installed in the vehicular right-of-way along the curb. Corrals typically occupy 20 feet (an area equivalent to a single-vehicle parking space) with enough space for up to 14 people on bicycles!

Applying for a Bicycle Corral

In 2015, as part of Phase 2 of its Bicycle Corral Pilot Program, LADOT installed a limited number of Bicycle Corrals at approved locations across the City. Although there is usually a significant wait list, LADOT maintains rolling applications for Bicycle Corrals. If you are interested in partnering with the City to maintain a Bicycle Corral outside your establishment, go to the People St Bicycle Corral page and email Bicycle Outreach and Planning for information on the application process.