In August 2014, LADOT launched a citywide opt-in Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) Program, which invites individual businesses to apply for bicycle-friendly certification by committing to adhere to bicycle-friendly business practices. The BFB Program establishes a public-private partnership between the City and local businesses to provide bicycle-friendly amenities and incentives throughout the City.

Bicycle Friendly Business Districts

Bicycle Friendly Business Districts (BFBDs) are innovative local projects that aim to improve multi-mobility by building connectivity between bicycling, walking, and public transit for local travel through bicycle-friendly infrastructure, informational resources, and community partnerships.

BFBDs promote, encourage, and incentivize the use of bicycles for short trips by increasing services and amenities for people traveling by bicycle and fostering these amenities specifically in business districts and corridors.  BFBDs bolster and augment the existing reasons to bicycle for short trips – convenience, exercise, environmental-awareness, fun – and improve multi-mobility, which is needed in dense commercial areas that often experience high levels of traffic congestion, parking restrictions, and poor air quality.

By supplying bicycle facilities, equipment, support, and associated materials to local business owners who encourage replacing car trips and provide discounts and exclusive deals for bicyclists, the project fosters non-motorized travel in some of Los Angeles most congested business corridors.

Northeast Los Angeles Bicycle Friendly Business District

In January 2014, LADOT began planning its first Pilot BFBD in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA), establishing a Steering Committee of local stakeholders, partnering with Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, Occidental College’s Urban and Environmental Policy Institute, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, C.I.C.L.E., and community bicycle advocacy representatives. The Steering Committee has informed the organizational framework for future BFBDs, performed NELA community outreach, collected data on local business perceptions, and planned “shop-and-ride” events that promote the local businesses in NEA.

The pilot BFBD has been recognized in the American Planning Association’s Planning Magazine as the first of its kind and currently offers Bicycle Corrals, Bicycle Repair Stations, Bike Lanes (Class II), Bike Routes (Class III), and local business discounts for people traveling by bicycle.

Check our Calendar page for upcoming NELA BFBD activities.