What questions should the Mayor answer at the Bike Summit?

In anticipation of Mayor Villaraigosa’s upcoming Bike Summit (also reported here), the Mayor’s office is asking for feedback from the bike community on Google Moderator.  First announced on Villaraigosa’s twitter feed, the Mayor’s office is asking both for your questions and for you to vote on questions that have already been submitted.  In addition to taking live questions from attendees at the Bike Summit, the Mayor will answer selected questions which have received the most votes.  If you aren’t able to attend the Bike Summit due to work conflicts (it is, after all, being held on a Monday morning), this venue will still make your voice heard with the Mayor of Los Angeles.

And just remember, the Bike Summit is scheduled from 9-11 on August 16th in the main boardroom at One Gateway Plaza.

Get out (er, online) and vote!

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