Update: Orange Line Extension Bike Path

Orange Line Extension

Orange line bike path near the intersection of Roscoe and Canoga

Work on the Orange line extension bike path is nearing completion. Work is about 80 percent complete, with most of the heavy construction already done. There remains some paving work to be done towards the northern and southern ends of the path, along with fencing and landscaping to construct before the path’s official debut sometime later this summer. The 4-mile northward extension will parallel the new Orange Line busway as it heads towards its terminus at the Chatsworth Metrolink station.

Orange line extension bike path project manager Steve Gaur explained to me some of the new features of the path. Most of the extension’s new intersections will have dual access ramps, which will better direct pedestrian and bicycle movements through intersections. The ramp areas will also be wider – 6 feet instead of the more conventional 4 feet – providing more room for bicyclists to maneuver into and through intersections. The new path will also have L.A.’s first thermoplastic striping application on a bike path, which will better designate space between bicyclists and pedestrians.

Orange line parking

Metro bicycle parking at the Roscoe Orange line station

Portions of the new path will have solar powered L.E.D. lighting, similar to the new lights on the L.A. River Bike Path. Metro will be providing bicycle parking in the form of racks and lockers at all of the new Orange line stations – Sherman Way, Roscoe, Nordhoff, and Chatsworth. We at the LADOT Bike Program have also begun a concerted effort to add additional bicycle parking at destinations near the stations. Back in December, we targeted downtown Canoga Park near the future Sherman Way station. Just this week, we went out and marked an additional 13 racks east of the future Sherman Way station and around the future Roscoe station. If you know of any locations that need additional bicycle parking, feel free to send in a request via our sidewalk parking program. For more information on the Orange line extension, visit Metro’s Orange line extension website.

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