Update: Metro Orange Line Extension Bike Path

The opening of the Metro Orange Line BRT in the fall of 2005 greatly expanded mobility options for the notoriously auto-centric San Fernando Valley. The original 14 mile leg that stretches from Warner Center to North Hollywood has been a big success, surpassing Metro’s own 2020 ridership goals in just seven months.

Running beside the busway for a majority of its length is the Orange Line bike path – a Class I bicycling facility (a small section on the busway’s extreme eastern end has Class II bike lanes). According to the LA City Bike Plan, Class I facility’s are “ideal for novice riders and children, recreational trips, and long distance commuter bicyclists of all skill levels who prefer separation from traffic.”  The bike path has also been a big hit and has helped Valley residents realize the value of investments in adequate bicycling and pedestrian facilities.

Picture taken shortly after the openning of the Orange Line Bike Path

Metro Orange Line Extension

Metro Orange Line Extension

Orange Line Extension (Photo: Courtesy of Metro)

Building upon the success of the original Orange Line bike path, Metro and LADOT have begun construction on an extension that stretches from the exclusive right-of-way terminus at Canoga to the Chatsworth Amtrak/Metrolink Station. The extension will extend the busway and the bike and pedestrian path northward for an additional four miles.

We here at the LADOT Bike Program are really excited about the extension and hope that it will further mobility and access for residents of the Northwestern San Fernando Valley. Here are some details about what you can expect from the extension:

Bike Parking Galore!

The Metro Orange Line Extension will have new stations at  Sherman Way, Roscoe, Nordhoff, and Chatsworth. Here is a quick summary of the bike parking facilities that each new station will provide.

  • Sherman Way Station: 16 lockers and 12 racks
  • Roscoe Station: 8 lockers and 6 racks
  • Nordhoff Station: 8 lockers and 6 racks
  • Chatsworth Station: 16 lockers and 10 racks

Details about the New Path

Here are some details about the new facility.

  • From the Metro Orange Line Canoga Station to Vanowen Street, the facility will be a 10′ wide multi-use path.
  • The new bike and pedestrian path will run between the busway and Canoga Avenue from Vanowen St. to the terminus at Lassen St.
  • A new traffic signal will be installed at Lassen Street/Old Depot Plaza Road to connect the path to the Chatsworth Intermodal Transit Center
  • At Chatsworth Station (Lassen St.), the path will link up with the existing Browns Creek Bike Path

Canoga Avenue Bikeway Improvements Courtesy: Metro

As always, we’re always looking for comments/suggestions from you guys. Feel free to leave a comment below about what you like or don’t like about the existing Orange Line bike path, and/or what you would like to see in the new facility.  Your input is greatly appreciated.

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