Tour LaBonge Week 2: Positively Fourth Street

Last Wednesday LADOT Bike Blog had the pleasure of riding in the “Tour LaBonge”, a series of group rides throughout the summer hosted by District 4 Council Member Tom LaBonge.  The Tour LaBonge takes place at a different location in District 4 every Wednesday, from 5:30 until the ride is finished.  You can view photos from previous rides on Council District 4’s flickr page.  On Wednesday June 23rd, LADOT Bike Blog took part in the “Positively Fourth Street” ride.  The next ride is tomorrow, Wednesday June 29th at 5:30.  Riding through Toluca Lake and North Hollywood, the website for Council Member LaBonge tells riders:

Meet at Councilmember LaBonge’s Valley Field Office, 10116 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake

Here's the schedule for the remaining rides of Tour LaBonge

Named after the Bob Dylan tune, Positively Fourth Street started and ended on the 4th Street Sharrows just recently installed in CD4, and the same 4th Street that the LACBC wants to make into LA’s first bicycle boulevard.  True to its name, the group ride was positive for all.

Over 100 riders gathered in the parking lot at Shatto Park in Koreatown, eager for the ride.  Bike advocates, community members, families, elderly, LACBC members, and LAPD bike officers showed up at 5:30.  LA’s Channel 36 was also on hand to film the riders.

Council Member LaBonge gearing up for the ride

Riders ready to go

After some introductory remarks from Council Member LaBonge, Bikeways’ Michelle Mowery, and Dorothy Le of the LACBC, the riders embarked with an escort of LAPD bike officers.  It was like Critical Mass in miniature.

And they're off!

Winding our way through Hancock Park and Park LaBrea, the ride was always at a leisurely pace with plenty of breaks to allow the back of the ride to catch up.  Such a pace allowed LADOT Bike Blog to have extended conversations with many of the riders.  Some were local business owners, some parents with their children, some were out for their first group ride while others touted decades-old Critical Mass bonafides – when the ride used to be no more than 20 to 30 people.  LADOT Bike Blog also got to meet with Richard Risemberg of Bicycle Fixation.  LADOT Bike Blog can’t say enough good things about the research and writing Richard has done and continues to do.  He also has his own take on the ride.

The ride took a pit stop beside LACMA before taking a longer break at a local fire station.

LACMA has the only piece of the Berlin Wall outside of Germany

Richard Risemberg beside the LaBrea Tar Pits

Once arrived at the fire station, the fruits of our labors awaited us in the form of ice cream sandwiches, fudgsicles, and Big Sticks.

After some short congratulatory remarks by Council Member LaBonge, the ride set back out towards Shatto Park.

Council Member LaBonge thanking everyone for coming

As a coda to the event, Council Member LaBonge publicly declared LADOT Bike Blog to be the “best dressed” bicyclist of the Positively Fourth Street ride.  So if you’re coming out to Toluca Lake tomorrow, make sure to bring your A-game.

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