This Week In Bike Culture: Part 9


Vista Street Bike Boulevard

Here is Part II to the video JoJo and I made for Vista Street. It’s meant to be a supplement to the first video, and features extended interviews with Allan Crawford, the Bicycle Coordinator in Long Beach. Let us know what you think, and if you missed Part I click here!

Calm Down!

Continuing on the importance of traffic calming, the Economist published an interesting article about the relationship between traffic calming and traffic deaths. Cars moving at 30 mph have a 45% chance of killing cyclists, and cars moving at 40 mph have an 85% chance of killing cyclists. Cars moving at 19 mph kill less than 5% of the time. While these are scary statistics, we need to be more proactive: Europe has greatly reduced bicyclist deaths by strictly implementing traffic calming measures which reduce cars to at least 19 mph.

Roundabout Confusion

Yet another posting on traffic calming! This posting is an NPR article about the growth of roundabouts and traffic circles in Los Angeles. Roundabouts are “coming to an intersection near you” but there’s been considerable push-back from some neighborhoods who don’t quite understand how their meant to function. They do a great job at reducing vehicular speeds, and have the potential to make our neighborhoods safer, more beautiful, and less noisy. Read this article, or watch the LADOT’s recent YouTube videos to educate yourself!

Take This GM!

We close with this counter-ad from Giant-Bicycles showing the harsher reality of driving a car versus riding a bike! This is a nice confidence booster, after the advertisements from GM and Zipcar.

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