This Week In Bike Culture: Part 8

Bikeway Map from 1896

This is a really cool find! An 1896 map of California Bikeways which was dug up and scanned for our viewing pleasure. Click on the link for a “” version of the map, which is higher resolution and is infinitely zoomable. If you’re looking for a more modern version, click here to see our bikeway maps! Continue reading for more interesting postings!

LA River Project Featured on KCET

KCET has featured the Bikeway team’s application for the TIGER discretionary grant program on their blog. The LADOT TIGER project will connect existing paths in the San Fernando Valley and south of Downtown L.A. via a Los Angeles River Bikeway Network. This project would create a continous bikeway corridor from Long Beach to Downtown and beyond to the Valley. Our own Nate Baird commented: “The river corridor is home to more than one million people, 390,000 housing units, 480,000 workers, 35,000 businesses, and 80 schools [paraphrasing from the Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan]. Making these connections meets many of the goals of the 2007 Revitalization Master Plan and the 2010 Bicycle Plan.” Hopefully we get chosen!

“Stitching the River” Community Ride

Speaking of the river, there is a “Stitching the River” community ride being held by Bicycle Fixation this Sunday (October 23rd)! The ride will cross all of Los Angeles’ pictaresque bridges in Downtown, and is fourteen to sixteen miles long. It will be on open city streets, and if you aren’t comfortable with that, remember you’ll be in a big group! The ride will begin at Chinatown’s Central Plaza by the Sun Yat Sen statue, meet up begins at 10:30am and the ride will depart at 11:00. If you live too far to bike, the meet up is right next to the Chinatown Station on the Gold Line.

They Need Panniers, Not A Zipcar!

Another Disheartening Advertisement!

Following last weeks news of GM’s Anti-Bike Advertisement, it’s unfortunate to see another one from a different company! This time, Zipcar, a company who operates a car-sharing network, displays disgruntled cyclists with their hands full, riding one-handed, with a “Sometimes you just need a car” log-line. While many bicyclists are well served by Zipcar, these folks seem to also some panniers, or maybe a cargo bike!

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