This Week In Bike Culture: Part 7

Reality Doesn't Suck! Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

General Motors Publishes Anti-Bike Advertisement

In this week’s installment of  “This Week in Bike Culture” we begin with an advertisement that’s set the bike community ablaze! General Motors pokes fun at cyclists in an attempt to attract college students to a new promotion. The advertisement, shown above, shows an attractive girl smirking at a biking university student with the lines like “Reality Sucks!” and  “Stop pedaling… star driving!” This is not the message auto-makers should be sending, especially after GM markets itself as a “green” car company with the Chevy Volt.  Thankfully, GM has since pulled the advertisement explaining that the “content of the ad was developed with college students and was meant to be a bit cheeky and humorous.” While removing the advertisement was a positive step, GM needs to put a little more consideration into their advertisements next time. More this week below the fold!

Two-thirds of bikes get stolen from homes

The Guardian posted an article urging us cyclists to be more careful when leaving our bikes unlocked around our homes and offers suggestions to prevent theft. Over 60% of all bike thefts occur in the immediate area around the home, and even a bike lock isn’t enough to deter a thief on desolate residential streets. All it takes is a bolt-cutter and a few minutes of solitude to steal a bike. They suggest to bring your bike into your home at nighttime, but if you have to leave it outside make sure it isn’t visible from the street and locked to a post or fence. Follow the link for more suggestions on bike safety and be sure to check out our Parking page for tips on how to properly lock your bicycle.

New Orleans Slowly Becomes Bike Friendly

New Orleans is still recovering from the catastrophic damage of Hurricane Katrina, but is doing so in a more bike-friendly way! Before Katrina, there was not one bike lane in New Orleans, creating a dangerous situation for cyclists. Using recovery money from Katrina, city officials have begun repaving the city’s streets and have included bike lanes in the process! Bike lanes have been painted on 15 streets, which translates to 40 miles of bikeways, and there are plans to repave 26 more streets.  Additionally, the city is using $7 million in federal aid to turn an abandoned railway into a green way between the French Quarter and City Park. This is really great news; it’s awesome to see New Orleans reinvent itself as a sustainable city after such a grave tragedy.

Pacific Standard Time

Pacific Standard Time is an arts festival in Santa Monica that’s occurring next weekend! The daylong festival is on Saturday October 22nd, and features art galleries, family events, and a community bike ride through Santa Monica. Stops include the Santa Monica Museum of Art, the Sam Francis Gallery, the Eames Office, and the 18th Street Arts Center. The tour ends at the Art Center, where a panel of artists will be making a presentation about the art scene in Los Angeles. Hope to see you there!

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