This Week In Bike Culture Part 6

CicLAvia This Sunday!!


If you want to experience Los Angeles’ bike culture in full force, come out to CicLAvia this Sunday in Downtown LA! It’s a tour de force of how far the bicycling has come in this city, and how motivated we are to keep on trucking! There will be numerous group rides (here’s the route) and we expect a massive turnout this year so be prepared for a Downtown full of people walking and bicycling! The LADOT will be around City Hall; stop by our booth to get some DOT schwag, including a limited number of bike socks and tire repair kits. Be sure to come down this Sunday, it’s sure to be a treat.

Model Design Manual for Living Streets

Bicycle Coordinator Nate Baird was at the official release of a brand new Model Design Manual for Living Streets yesterday evening. The publication is meant to offer cities creative ways to complete their streets. It’s an extremely exciting project; follow the link to take a look at the handbook.

Bicycle City!

Yet another awesome project that deserves your attention! A bike-oriented real estate development is going to be constructed in South Carolina, and is designed from the ground up for cyclists. Construction has began on the bikeway network that will link up the community, and housing/business development is soon to follow. All buildings will be required to be LEED certified, and cars will be left in parking lots at the border of the community! We hope to see more projects like this, who knows maybe a far-flung SoCal suburb will follow their example!

And this is a bummer

Governor Brown has vetoed SB 910, the 3 foot passing law. Seems like he went with speculative advice from the CHP that the law would have caused crashes, which is untrue everywhere the law has been passed. Not even one such crash has been identified in the 20 others states with such a law.

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