This Week In Bike Culture: Part 11

Biking on the Williamsburg Bridge. Photo Credit: NY Times

Pleasures of Life in the Slow Lane

Welcome to the 11th edition of This Week In Bike Culture! This first posting is an editorial article from the New York Times, discussing the pleasures of bicycling in NYC in reaction to recent bike-lash over bikeway expansions. The author talks about her day to day experiences cycling in New York and meditates on many cycling issues. It’s a very interesting read, next time I visit the Big Apple I definitely want to explore it by bike! Read on for more facets of bike culture after the fold!

Los Angeles County Hearing for Bike Plan

This is just a heads up that LA County is having a hearing next Wednesday, November 16th, for the 2011 Final Bike Master Plan. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Bike Plan, now is your chance! Exercise your civic duty and head down to the Hall of Records this Wednesday.

Colorado Woman Takes Her Stolen Bike Back

After finding a Craigslist posting for her stolen bicycle, a student living Colorado took matters into her own hands. After noticing the red tape she had applied to the handlebars in the ads picture, she arranged a meeting to look at the bike. She asked if she could take the bike for a ride,”I started riding it. I was like, maybe I should just throw it in my car and get out of here. So I did and then I talked to police.” This is a great story of taking matters into your own hands; I’m sure many of us who’ve had bikes stolen wish for a similar payback moment!

California Bike Summit

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition helped host this past weekend’s California Bike Summit. Bicycle advocacy groups from across the State met to discuss statewide priorities and goals for bicycle advocacy in California, as well as best practices for making change. If you missed it, BikeSD did a great write up.

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