This Week in Bike Culture: Part 10

Fighting the Power with Bicycle Power! Photo cred: Huffington Post

Wow! It’s hard to believe I’ve already done ten of these, time flies when you’re having fun.

The 99% Powered By Bicycle

Our first posting is about the Occupy Wall Street movement, who have been forced to think outside the box after clashing with the NYPD. In a recent police raid, the protests gas-powered generators were confiscated by the authorities who cited fire dangers. In response, organizers have begun to employ DIY bike-powered generators and are seeking donations to construct more. The increase in sustainability comes at a sacrifice: it can take up to two hours of uninterrupted pedaling to charge up their car batteries. The Bicycle Program  applauds this innovative use of bicycles! Continue reading for more inspiration!

A Bike With A USB Port?

Bikes are accessorize-able as their motorized counterparts, with panniers, bells, lights, GPS units, saddles, and tons of other doo-dads. Continuing on the theme from the previous posting, this new bicycle from Silverback features a dynamo powered USB port! Now you can rest assured your iPhone is charged with your own sweat instead of a coal-powered plant.

Bicycling and Public Health

This posting found on NPR’s Health Blog tells readers of the true secret to staying slim and healthy: Riding Your Bike! Researchers at the University of Wisconsin surveyed 11 Midwestern cities, and found that they could avoid 1,100 deaths and save $7 billion in healthcare costs if citizens rode their bikes for half of their short-distance errands. The increases in exercise that come with bicycle commuting, as well as the decreases of air pollution create a powerful incentive. This is a great study, the positive effects of cycling are always palpable but not always quantified.

Senate Passes Transportation Bill

This posting from DC.StreetsBlog discusses the recent Transportation Bill which has passed the Senate and moved onto the House of Representatives. Thankfully, the Senate rejected Senator Rand Paul’s amendment which stripped the Bill of all bike/ped funding, but the fight isn’t over yet. For a complete breakdown of the Senate’s version of the Bill, visit the link! While there weren’t any cuts thankfully, the Senate merely maintained funding levels from the previous version of the bill. It’s nice to see that $550 million was allocated to the TIGER program!

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