ThinkBike Workshops coming to Los Angeles

The Royal Netherlands Embassy and the Consulate General of the Netherlands in California, in cooperation with the Mayors Office, the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) will be hosting a two day ThinkBike Workshop from Sept 22-23, 2011. We here at the LADOT Bike Program are looking forward to discussing the bright future of bicycling in Los Angeles with our Dutch colleagues. More about the ThinkBike Workshop after the jump!

A reimagined street from ThinkBike Toronto

ThinkBike workshops are intended to get people to think about bikes. The two day workshop will bring together Dutch bike experts, local politicians, planners, engineers, advocates, and other neighborhood stakeholders to plan and discuss how Los Angeles can become a better place to ride a bike.

The workshop will be organized into working groups consisting of Dutch bicycle consultants and a mix of staff and community stakeholders. Working groups will survey targeted areas of the City by bike and discuss how intersections, streets, and whole neighborhoods could be made more bicycle friendly. ThinkBike Los Angeles will focus on the communities of Pacoima (Van Nuys Blvd – Plummer to Glen Oaks), Downtown Los Angeles (Spring & Main St.), and USC-Exposition Park (Jefferson Blvd).  Other bicycling issues to be discussed at the workshop include: bike safety, bike commuting, biking to school, bike parking, bikes and public transit, law enforcement, etc.

The workshops will start off with a kick-off session (open to the general public) followed by smaller workshops with city staff and local community stakeholders. ThinkBike will conclude with a closing session where working groups will present their findings and recommendations (also open to the general public). In addition, a final report will be compiled for distribution to team members, decision-makers, and the general public. We would like to encourage anyone who is interested to register for the opening and closing sessions. Seating is limited so don’t wait!

The first of these workshops in a U.S. city occurred last year in Chicago. Feel free to check out their final report so that you can get a better idea of what’s in-store for Los Angeles during September 22-23, 2011. To find out more about ThinkBike, visit their official website here and their official facebook page here. Stay tuned to the LADOT Bike Blog for further updates on ThinkBike Los Angeles.

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