The Great Bicycle Parking Survey of 2011

Bike Racks – Present and Future

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LADOT Bike Blog is looking for volunteers to help inventory all of LADOT’s installed bicycle parking.  If you’d like to help, contact us at

The LADOT Bike Program has installed over 4,000 bicycle “Inverted-U” racks, and 454 meter hitches, throughout the City over the last 15 years.  This is only the beginning, as LADOT has averaged just under 100 new racks per month since the start of this year.

LADOT Bike Blog understands that safe parking is integral to encouraging bicycling in Los Angeles.  Potential bike riders are far more likely to ride when they are confident that there will be available, convenient, and safe bike parking once they reach their destination.  But even when plentiful bike parking is supplied, it’s still a crapshoot to find a bike rack near a destination unless the rider has been there before and already knows where bike parking is located.  Even worse, a bicyclist unfamiliar with an area may lock their bike to something less safe when an available LADOT bike rack is nearby.  To address these concerns, the LADOT Bike Program is launching:

The Great Bicycle Parking Survey of 2011

The idea is threefold:

First, we need to create a comprehensive map that bicycle users can access before they leave the house.  Being confident that bike parking is at your destination is just one more reason not to use a car. While we do have a partial map of newly installed bike racks around the City, it’s hardly complete.

Second, the Bike Program wants to make sure that all the bike racks we’ve provided to date are in tip-top shape.  4,000+ racks is a lot of bike parking to keep track of; some racks may have been removed, some may no longer be safe to use as parking, some may need new LADOT information stickers, or some may just need a new paint job.  Before we direct you to park at one of our racks, we want to make sure they are the safest place possible to park.

Third, a comprehensive survey of all LADOT bike racks, will help give us an idea of demand for new bike parking in different areas of the City.  The current bike parking installation system relies on the requests of business owners and Angelinos who want racks in front of stores they visit.  While crowdsourcing new installation can be a great system, it can also under-represent those who don’t know how to request a bike rack – which typically happens in the low-income communities where bike parking demand is high.  By getting an idea of what bike parking demand is like in the City’s neighborhoods, we can begin to supplement the rack request process with an emphasis on providing bike racks were they’re needed most.

Survey Details

The survey begins with a complete list of every bike rack in LA, organized by neighborhood or council district.  For every entry on the list, we need to make sure that the rack is intact, is secure in the ground, hasn’t been tampered with, isn’t too dingy, and still has an intact LADOT information sticker.  LADOT will provide a checklist to all volunteers.

We Want You!

LADOT Bike Blog is looking for volunteers to help us with the survey.  Rather than use polluting cars to travel around LA to check on bike parking racks, LADOT Bike Blog thought it would be a better idea to partner with the local community and use your pedal power for good.  If you’d like to help inventory bicycle parking in your neighborhood, contact us at  We’ll begin organizing districts and dates soon, and we’ll keep you updated through the Bike Blog.

Request Racks

Don’t forget that LADOT installs bike racks in front of businesses free of charge.  If you know a business that wants to increase their bicycling clientele, they can request a rack here.


Once we’ve completed the survey, we’ll release a map with geocoded tags for all rack locations throughout the City.  LADOT Bike Blog will be the first to let you know when it is ready.

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