Bike Corrals before Transportation Committee on Wednesday

So we’ve had some recent comments on LADOT Bike Blog, and some considerable interest from LACBC here, to C.I.C.L.E. here, to Streetsblog here and here and here, all championing a pilot program for Bike Corrals in Northeast LA.  Councilmember Huizar, representative of Council District 14, has introduced a motion for just such a bike corral pilot project.  The motion is coming before the Council Transportation Committee on Wednesday, April 14.

We here at LADOT Bike Blog eagerly anticipate the results.

But I guess we should circle back to the start: What the heck is a “Bike Corral”?

One parking spot for a car magically becomes 10+ spots for bikes!

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New Bike Lanes on Hoover!!

They’re so shiny!

Bike Lane on Hoover near 120th

Bike Lane on Hoover near 120th. A thing of beauty.

Nothing makes us happier than being able to announce brand new bike lanes on Hoover Street from 120th Street to 98th Street! Read more

Elysian Valley Bike Path: Almost there!

Ed. Note:  With a misplaced keystroke, we accidentally published this post a few days early.  Our apologies for teasing your RSS feeds without delivering.  Fitting, considering content of the post.  Anyhow, enjoy!

So there was a recent post in The Eastsider LA (also covered in L.A. Creek Freak) about the newly paved section of bike path running through Elysian Valley.  We’re pretty excited about the bike path too.  2.5 more miles of bike path along the L.A. River is always something to be happy about.  Even better, the 2.5 miles connects to the existing Glendale Narrows bike path, creating 7.1 miles of uninterrupted bike path along the LA River.  Eventually, we’ll connect those 7.1 miles all the way down to Long Beach.

Construction along the LA River

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