Safe Parking, Part 1: Bikes in Demand

Safe Parking Series: Part Two: Location, Location, Location, Part Three: Lock’n’Load (actually, just Lock)

As we’re sure much of you know, bicycle theft has become a pretty hot issue for the LA bicycle community.  For our part, we can’t blame them for getting riled up.  The latest reports from the LAPD, via the LA Times, state that bicycle theft has increased 29% in Los Angeles in the past year – a number that is probably a large underestimate.  Most bicycle thefts remain unreported.

Bike rack on Central in Little Tokyo

Lock up and secure your bike

Bicycles have become a hot item for theft.  A lightweight bicycle that could be worth hundreds of dollars is a pretty tempting target.  In a weird way, this safety crisis is an indicator of just how popular bicycling has become in our City.  There are more bikes on the road, more bicyclists in the streets, and more people who want to get a bicycle of their own.  These bikes wouldn’t be getting stolen if they weren’t prevalent and in high demand. Read more