LA’s First Bike Corral Now Officially Open for Business

LADOT Bike Blog has spilled quite a bit of digital ink over the last week talking up LA’s first bike corral at Cafe de Leche in Highland Park. Today saw the grand opening of that bike corral, and LADOT Bike Blog was on hand to witness the joyous occasion.


CM Jose Huizar gets a little help with the ribbon cutting

But now that the big moment has come and gone, we find ourselves (almost) speechless.  Funny, how that can happen. Read more

Progress, thy name is “Bike Corral”

Just a quick update that construction has begun in earnest on LA’s first bike corral! Though the grand opening is on Friday (and may be postponed due to inclement weather), crews started working on installation of the racks this morning. Braving the chilly, rainy conditions, work crews installed the 5 racks of the bike corral into the street asphalt this morning. Photos were taken by new LADOT Bike Coordinator Nate Baird, who subsequently tweeted the good news.

York Blvd Bike Corral

Construction crews hard at work

You can check out more photos of the bike corral on our flickr account or our facebook page.

Busy Week: Bike Shops and Bike Corral Grand Openings

If you happen to be bicycle-inclined (and if you read this blog, we bet you are) there are quite a few things to celebrate this week in Los Angeles. A brand new, incredibly large, bike shop in downtown is having their grand opening on Wednesday. Two days later a brand new, incredibly awesome, bike corral is having its grand opening in Highland Park on Friday. Follow us below the fold for all the details.

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Back from the Dead: Bike Corral on York Boulevard

It sometimes seemed like the day would never come. And yet:

Title 2

Now, what could be at that intersection?

That’s right, a Bike Corral is finally coming to Highland Park.  In the coming weeks, a bright & shiny bike corral will be installed in front of Cafe de Leche at York Boulevard and Avenue 50.  First leaked to Highland Park Patch, a tentative date of February 18th at 9:00 AM has been set for the corral’s grand opening.  Flying Pigeon and CicLAvia have also posted jubilantly about the impending bike corral.  But before jumping into specifics, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane.  How did we get here?

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LADOT Bike Program “Call For Projects” Applications

The LADOT Bike Program has 8 project applications in this year's Call For Projects

One of the goals for the LADOT Bike Blog has been bringing a greater degree of departmental communication to the LADOT Bike Program.  We think it’s extremely important for you to know what we are doing to improve conditions for bicyclists in Los Angeles.

Towards that end, we’re proud to publicly unveil 8 project applications that the LADOT Bike Program is submitting to Metro for their Call For Projects.  While you could probably find all the project titles by searching through LADOT and Metro records, LADOT Bike Blog wants to go a little more in-depth on our applications and give a deeper explanation of the application process and our process for applying.
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Meet the Assistant Coordinators

There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work going on at the LADOT Bike Program over the last few months.  LADOT Bike Blog would like to introduce you to some of the fresh faces helping make it happen.  Working under funding secured for “Student Professional Workers”, the LADOT Bike Program currently employs 4 part-time Assistant Coordinators who also attended graduate school in Urban Planning.  These are the shock troops of culture change at LADOT, and we’re very proud of the work they’ve done to date.  LADOT Bike Blog would like to give you a little peak into their world and the upcoming projects each of them are working on.

The Assisstant Coordinators with the original "Give Me 3" poster

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New LADOT Bike Parking Map

Rack Map

If you take a look at the tabs at the top of our blog, you might notice a small change.  The tab labeled “Projects Map” has been changed to just “Maps”.  That is because LADOT Bike Blog is proud to launch a map showing the locations of all recently installed bicycle racks in the City of Los Angeles.


Over 450 bike racks have been installed by the LADOT Bike Program since July of 2009 and we want to give you an idea of where we’ve put them.  Since the LADOT Bike Program is about to go on a round of new bicycle rack installations (averaging 100 a month), this map will serve as a living document.  As more racks are installed, more points will pop up on the map.  Heaven forbid there are any errors, we’ll be happy to correct those too.  As a heads up, google only shows 200 locations at a time.  You’ll have to click through to the google maps page to peruse every location. Read more

How to Get a Bike Rack

Lots of Bike Racks

The LADOT Bike Program  has installed over 3,600 bike racks and 446 meter hitches in the City of Los Angeles.  We’ll soon be adding as many as 1,700 additional bike racks in business districts over the next two years.  In the short term, the LADOT Bike Program is aiming to install around 100 new racks every month for the rest of the year.  Even better, we install them at no charge.

With so many bike racks to install, LADOT needs your help to find the best places to put them.  Sure, we could find locations to put in bike racks by ourselves, but we think it’s better to crowdsource possible new locations.  After all, bicyclists who ride the streets of LA every day know best where demand for bike parking is highest.  Rick Risemberg of Bicycle Fixation already took advantage and wrote about his request, and the subsequent installation, in the Larchmont neighborhood.


If you want them, ask.


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New Bike Racks at CARECEN, Interview With CM Reyes, More Bike Parking to Come

Last Thursday, 4 new bike parking racks were installed at the CARECEN day labor center in the Westlake neighborhood.  While the installation of 4 new racks doesn’t seem like much, the installation was both the fruitful end of a long advocacy process and the hopeful beginning of a new parking campaign by the LADOT Bike Program.  As always, you can find our other photos of the event at the LADOT Bike Blog Flickr page.


CM Reyes

Council Member Reyes drives in a bike rack bolt


None of this would have been possible without the dedicated efforts of Council Member Ed Reyes and his staff.  LADOT Bike Blog had a chance to talk with CM Reyes during the installation. Read more

LADOT Installing New Racks at CARECEN 10/14/10

LADOT is proud to partner with CD 1 Council Member Ed Reyes, LACBC, CARECEN & Ciudad De Luces to bring new bike racks to the CARECEN day labor center in MacArthur Park.  Installation will take place at 9:30 AM on the morning of October 14th, and LADOT Bike Blog is excited to be a part of the festivities.


The Ciudad de Luces team in front of the CARCEN center


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