More Biking for Newbies

LADOT Bike Blog is back for more “Biking for Newbies”.  Again, if there’s anything you guys would like us to cover with this feature in throughout Bike to Work Week, just let us know in comments and we’ll try to tack it on.

Speaking of Bike to Work Week, make sure you check out all the cool things that are happening.  You can check out Metro’s website, look at what we’ve provided for you, or get a recap on Monday’s event.

Anyhow, more “Biking for Newbies!”

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Bike Week LA

On a beautiful, albeit cloudy, Monday morning, people began to gather at LAPD headquarters in front of the Ronald F. Deaton Civic Auditorium.  From 7 AM on, more and more bicycles began to appear while tables, tents, and video cameras were set up.  It was the long heralded kick-off for Bike Week LA, and LADOT Bike Blog was there to document it.

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Bike to Work Week begins Monday

It’s almost here!  It’s almost here!  Bike to Work Week is almost here!

You can ride to work while looking dapper

Just a friendly reminder that Bike to Work Week starts this coming Monday.  LADOT Bikeways will be out in force along with a whole bunch of other bicycle organizations for the kick-off event Monday morning at 8 AM.  It will be in the plaza in front of the new LAPD headquarters downtown.  There will be informational booths and tables, lots of free stuff, and the city staff (and maybe even a council member or two) will be there on bikes to help get Bike to Work Week started right.  You can even meet the intrepid and foolhardy author of LADOT Bike Blog!  If that’s not incentive to come on down, I don’t know what is.

And for those of you getting pumped for free rides on DASH and Commuter Express, LADOT has a news release detailing all the specifics.

Biking for newbies

In honor of Bike to Work week, we here at LADOT Bike Blog would like to give some of those newer riders out there a crash course in the do’s and don’ts of the road.  Think of this as a FAQ for someone who hasn’t taken their bike on the road in years.  We’ll continue to post up info throughout the week.  If you’ve got something you’d like us to cover, just drop it in comments and we’ll try to get to it in a day or two.  So far, LADOT Bike Blog has done a lot to cover bike safety when you’re parking your bike, but we haven’t spoken much about bike safety when you’re on the road.  It may be old hat for some of our more experienced readers, but let’s get back to basics.

What ARE the rules on the road, anyhow?

It’s hard to be safe when you don’t exactly know what the laws in LA say you can and cannot do.  A bicyclist equipped with knowledge of his or her full legal rights on the road is much more likely to have a safe ride.

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May is Bike to Work Month

(Ed. Note: Sorry for the lag in content the past two week.  I was in my final week of classes at USC, and the crunch for time really got in the way of things.  I look forward to getting LADOT Bike Blog back on track!)

Roll up that right pant leg and exchange your briefcase for a messenger bag: May is National Bike Month.  This will be Los Angeles’ 16th annual Bike to Work Month and Metro’s got all the details on Bike to Work Week, taking place from May 17th to May 21st.  Bike to Work Day itself will take place Thursday, May 20th. is a great resource for finding out what other cities around the world will be doing, and you can find out what’s going on statewide here.

Get in shape while you get to work

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