Notes from the BAC meeting, 8/9/10

As LADOT Bike Blog reported earlier this month, the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) held their bi-monthly meeting on Monday night – a meeting that LADOT Bike Blog also happily attended. Although BAC meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of every even month, this month’s BAC meeting was moved to the second Monday in order to accommodate LAPD’s National Night Out event.

BAC meetings held at the CD4 Hollywood office

While we were certainly happy to attend our first BAC meeting, LADOT Bike Blog couldn’t help but notice afterward the BAC’s dearth of online web presence. Seriously. The only official sites we could find were a pretty out of date page on and an equally out of date page on LADOT’s main website. While some blogs, such as Biking in LA or Jeremy Grant, cover the occasional BAC meeting, coverage seems by no means uniform or reliable. True, the BAC has an email newsletter which they send out to subscribers, but it seems the only way to subscribe is to first show up to a BAC meeting and sign in on a clipboard. What about all the bicyclists out there who can’t attend these meetings but want to know what’s going on? What about bicyclists who don’t even know about these meetings, but would be supportive of the BAC’s agenda had they but known such a group exists?

The BAC discusses issues vital to bicyclists in Los Angeles as well as helps set the tone for LADOT’s, Planning’s, and LAPD’s engagement with the bicycle community. Therefore, the proceedings of the BAC should be easily available to all Angelinos, be they bicyclists or not. LADOT Bike Blog will, from this day forward, give our readers coverage of all BAC meetings.

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Mayor Villaraigosa’s Broken Elbow and the LA Bike Plan

As you have certainly read elsewhere by now, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa suffered a broken elbow when a taxi pulled in front of his bicycle while he was riding along Venice Boulevard. Biking in LA has an excellent write-up of the time-line involved. You can read the Mayor’s own thoughts on the matter here.

Happier times: Villaraigosa posing with the Tour LaBonge

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Register Now: July 22nd Webinar 2010 Draft LA Bike Plan

Please join us on Thursday, July 22nd when the City Planning Department hosts their first-ever webinar for the 2010 draft LA Bike Plan. The webinar will take place in two sessions, both of which will have a half hour presentation followed by a half hour round of question-and-answer with all registered online participants. You can read their press release PDF right here.

Make sure to register for both the 6:00 and 7:30 webinar

The first webinar session, from 6:00 to 7:00, will review the entire bicycle plan. The second webinar session, from 7:30 to 8:30, will cover the what, where, and when of all the bicycle infrastructure proposed in the 5-year plan. Though registration will be allowed up until the 22nd, City Planning urges you to register soon for both sessions. Registering for the first session does not mean you are registered for the second session automatically. The second session, covering the proposed 5-year implementation plan, promises to have more concrete details for bicycle infrastructure where you live, so don’t make the mistake of failing to register for both. Read more

LADOT: Sharrows installed on Adams Blvd.

We’ve officially hit the 2/3 mark on LADOT Bikeways’ pilot project Sharrows. Installation of new Sharrows took place this weekend along West Adams Boulevard from South Figueroa Street to South Vermont Avenue, adding just under 1 mile of new Sharrows.

New Sharrows connect to the Hoover Bike Lanes

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Tour LaBonge: Toluca Lake and North Hollywood

LADOT Bike Blog was out on the streets for the Tour LaBonge last week.  Wednesday June 30th marked the 3rd of 6 scheduled evening rides organized by District 4 Council Member Tom LaBonge.  Today, Wednesday July 7th, will see the 4th Tour LaBonge ride through the Miracle Mile.  Riders meet at Tom’s Hollywood Field Office at 6501 Fountain Avenue at 5:30.

On June 30th, LADOT Bike Blog had a great ride with the Tour LaBonge in Toluca Lake and North Hollywood.

CD 4 Council Member Tom LaBonge with some young riders and the LAFD

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Bikes Lanes Installed on Winnetka Avenue

Another 4.6 miles of bike lanes have been added in Los Angeles, this time along a 2.3 mile stretch of road in the Valley.  As identified earlier this month on the LA Eco Village Blog, Winnetka Ave, from Gault Street to Nordhoff Street, now has bike lanes striped. View Larger Map.

It's 2.3 miles from Gault... Nordhoff

Called for in the 1996 LA Bike Plan, these bike lanes will help create better bicycle connectivity between the Orange Line and areas of Valley further to the north.  Not only will the bike lanes create a better connection to the Orange Line, but it will also create a closer connection to Pierce College, one of LA’s nine community colleges.  Additionally, the Pierce College station on the Orange Line is part of the Orange Line Bike Path, which extends eastward all the way to Coldwater Canyon Road in Sherman Oaks.

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2010 LA Bike Plan Website Online

Here it is, guys.

It certainly is

Go take a look.  LADOT Bike Blog will be reading it over the weekend.

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Bike Lanes on San Pedro

These past few weeks have gone by quickly.  LADOT Bike Blog has to hustle just to keep up with each new development.  Aside from the Sharrows installation taking place (Ed. Note: In case you missed it, Sharrows 101, Sharrows Are Here: A Report From Fountain Avenue, Sharrows on Fourth Street), we have some other good news to report.

Bike Lanes!

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New draft of 2010 LA Bike Plan to be released tomorrow, June 18

Someone seems to have released the floodgates: new developments in bicycle infrastructure and planning are coming rapidly.  Up next for the City is the newest draft of the LA Bike Plan.  No, really: it’s finally here.

The 2010 LA Bike Plan has had a long and tortuous journey, with the first draft submitted by the bicycle consulting firm Alta Planning and Design (the firm behind the Portland’s Bicycle Master Plan Update).  Released in 2009, the Bike Plan met with stiff criticism from community groups and bicycle advocates alike (even earning a rival website seeking to mimic  Many bike advocates called it a “step backwards” while touting the merits of a “Backbone Bikeway Network“(though there was some disagreement).  To address these concerns, the City Planning Department took the draft plan under their wing in an attempt to reshape it and nurse it back to health.

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New Bike Lanes on Hoover!!

They’re so shiny!

Bike Lane on Hoover near 120th

Bike Lane on Hoover near 120th. A thing of beauty.

Nothing makes us happier than being able to announce brand new bike lanes on Hoover Street from 120th Street to 98th Street! Read more