Sunset Boulevard Bike-Transit Lanes Move Forward

Sunset Blvd. Bicycle Lane

Sunset Blvd. Bicycle Lane

Construction on 0.9 miles of bicycle and bicycle-transit only lanes could begin on Sunset Boulevard as early as next month. The bike facilities, consisting of .76 miles of peak period bicycle-transit only lanes and .14 miles of standard bicycle lanes, will reach from Figueroa Street to Douglas Street in Echo Park.

Linking up with existing bikeways to the west, the project, the first of the First Year Bike Lanes to move forward, will greatly increase the safety of bicycling between Echo Park and Downtown. Additionally, the peak hour bicycle-transit lanes will increase the speed of transit operating in the corridor, particularly the Dodger Stadium Express. In line with the 2010 Bicycle Plan, future planned bikeway improvements on this corridor include bike lanes along Cesar Chavez Avenue going east from Figueroa Street.

A public hearing for the Sunset Boulevard bicycle facilities occurred on February 14th, and the LADOT General Manager gave the project the go-ahead on April 22nd.  The Traffic and Safety Assessment for the project is available here, and the City Planning staff report is available here.

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  1. John K
    John K says:

    So, during non-peak hours what happens to the bike lanes? Are personal automobles allowed to use the lanes in non-peak hours?

    • Tim Fremaux
      Tim Fremaux says:

      John: during non-peak hours, parking will be permitted and though there will be no striped bike lane per se, the solid white edge line of the peak-hour bus lane will be clearly visible and serve to delineate a de-facto bike lane space, roughly as wide as a standard bike lane.


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