Striping on new 7th Street bicycle lane begins today!

If your commute takes you along 7th street, some of you may have noticed that the street is looking different today.


Some preliminary markings on the street. You can see the outline of the bike lane on the right as well as markings for a center turning lane and a continental crosswalk.

That’s right. Seventh Street, from Figueroa to Main St., will be receiving bicycle lanes this weekend. The 0.6 mile addition improves our network of lanes by connecting to existing bicycle lanes on Spring, Main, Olive, Grand, and the existing 7th Street lane west of Figueroa. Because of this, 7th street is a popular route for bicyclists. According to the 2011 Bicycle and Pedestrian Count, Figueroa and 7th street is the 5th busiest intersection for bicyclists in the city. The map below illustrates how the 7th Street lane connects to other lanes in our bicycle network.

To accommodate the new bicycle lanes, the street is also undergoing a road diet. The redesign will remove a vehicle travel lane in each direction and add a two-way center turning lane to faciliate left turn onto streets running North-South.



We caught up with this woman who was excited to hear about future lanes coming to the street!


Preliminary markings for a continental crosswalk at Main and 7th Street.

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  1. Karl
    Karl says:

    The sidewalks are now going to be closer to being usable by pedestrian’s without scuba gear on this stretch. The fewer car’s the more people will be able to travel and that’s what our streets are for, so this is a mobility banquet far more then any belt tightening diet; the lane is not being lost it is being recovered for legitimate use. The money that will be saved from the reduced wear and tear on the still tarred space should be directed to make the walkable concrete as smooth and flat as that found anywhere in the world.


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