Spring Street Welcomes Two New Parklets

Huizar Speaks and Swing Chairs

Councilman Huizar Celebrates the Opening of the Spring Street Parklets

The 600 block of Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles was aflutter with activity this morning as community members celebrated the opening of two parklets. The parklets  — number two and three in Councilman Jose Huizar’s four parklet pilot project  — open on the heels of a very successful parklet opening in Highland Park over the weekend.

Speaking to the crowd, the Councilman explained what exactly a parklet is. “Parklets are temporary extensions of the sidewalk,” he said. “They provide seating and recreational space that is 100 percent open to anyone who chooses to sit, relax, read, or socialize in them — even exercise in them. They are designed by the community and custom-fitted to a neighborhood by the people who live and work there,” he continued.

Huizar Plays FoosballDuring the press conference, it was noted that while these parklets are not the first in the country or even in Los Angeles, they are the first to feature active recreation. The two parklets on Spring include exercise bikes, and the one in front of LA Cafe also has a foosball table. Both parks feature places to sit, including these cool chairs that look like swings.

In addition to Councilman Huizar, Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council President Patricia Berman, LADOT Pedestrian Coordinator Valerie Watson, Historic Downtown BID Executive Director Blair Besten and others also spoke, thanking the many people involved with making the parklets a reality. StreetsblogTV has a video of the press conference here.

Spring Bike ParkingJoining the parklets on the Spring streetscape is additional bicycle parking in the form of inverted U racks and the signature LADOT meter hitch racks (that attach to former parking meters). At least one constituency is already happy about this development. LA Cafe employs bicycle delivery people, and before these streetscape improvements were installed, they often locked their bikes to parking meters or leaned them against the tree there. They have had bikes stolen from right in front of the cafe. Irwin, an LA Cafe employee, said that LA Cafe workers and patrons have been using the new bike parking “all day long.” “They’re very helpful,” he said, “More than two bicycles can be locked at the same time… We get a lot of customers who come on bicycles, and they also need to use [the bicycle parking]. It’s great!”

We certainly hope that residents take advantage of these new parks, and we look forward to many more in the future. Foosball, anyone?

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  1. Karl
    Karl says:

    Either install a toxicity meter or provide some safe air if exercise isn’t gonna get torted if allowed without sufficient waiver. Yes people inhale in buildings just as filled with polluted air on this street even since the street cars that saw them built got replaced by smoking ones toxin concentrating catalytic converters etc. which only essentially maskk our ability to detect dangerous areas. The salmon in the volcanoe only survive because none wear fragrances or other then swim home. Although it is true that parking and running to apparent safety makes roads into hellacious places unwitting martyrdom at the foosing table is wrong. I am glad I visited as I was afraid some sort of tiny parking lot to squeeze more morons in would be glorified. I love the concept but there are not many days or hours that lingering doesn’t require a lit cigarette or otherwise suicidal state of mind and should not be municipally blessed. The area should be on a voluntary evacuation advisement especially while it’s legal to run combustion engines- a ‘luxury’ for sure now that GM makes pollute by wire contraptions so well and the Spark is smokeless. Spring should be the first combustion free roadway- fully electrified for at least a few blocks. Maybe methane hybrids (as if they exist lol) be given a half decade grace period but otherwise shut tothath which makes mere space to live not sufficient. At least making it adult only in failing to do I hope a generation of b astards who survive there asthma will hold us accountable when they come of age in a ‘children of the toxic cloud’ closs action. They will bring there cancer diagnosis and there video’s of them parkedlet playing for free without a clue and any jury will make artic bottled air seem like the greatest bargain we could of offered all stuck or catered to to remain at the bottom of our overly urban brainless stain. If only west nile instead- if only swine flue, if only someone would of done more then to not destroy every clue.


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