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Back in May, we announced the LADOT Bike Program’s intention to conduct the Great Bicycle Parking Survey of 2011. The survey will provide the LADOT Bike Program with the information necessary to begin work on a comprehensive map of bicycle parking facilities in the City. On top of checking rack locations for addresses and business names, the survey will also address the condition of bike racks, as well as the type of rack. More about the Great Bicycle Parking Survey of 2011 and how you can sign up to participate after the jump.


Help us find racks like these throughout the City

The Preview

The LADOT Bike Program recently went out to MacArthur Park to put our survey methodology to the test. Five interns set out on a quest to check bike racks along Pico, Wilshire, Westlake, Union, 6th, 7th, and 8th Streets. We broke up into teams and were each given an instruction sheet, a map with our responsible streets highlighted, and a chart with the names of businesses, grouped by street, that were thought to have existing racks.

First, we checked to make sure that the business name associated with the address was up to date. After updating the business name and/or address associated with the bike racks, we cataloged the rack type (U-1, U-2, U-3, Meter Hitch, Bicycle), wrote down the color, and checked to make sure racks were in good working order (Installed, Needs Repair, Needs to be Replaced, Missing, Siting Issue, etc). If warranted, we then replaced faded information stickers on the racks. We were also on the look out for racks not in our database.

An older U-2 bike rack (you can tell because of the rectangular base) in need of some TLC

We Want You!

The LADOT Bike Blog is looking for volunteers to help us continue our survey in the near future. We would like to encourage everyone to register for the survey today! We just need a little basic information like  your name, contact information (phone number and email), if you will have a bike available for the survey, and the  council district (CD) you would like to work in (feel free to check more than one or to select no preference if you are open to working in more than one CD).

[googleapps domain=”spreadsheets” dir=”spreadsheet/embeddedform” query=”formkey=dFRRaXVUTnFJczRjcjJzNXdBWWpzTXc6MA” width=”760″ height=”1250″ /]

After your information is in the system, we will contact you when surveying events are organized according to your preferred Council District (CD). For example, if we are conducting a surveying event in Northridge, we will contact people who listed CD 12 and no preference. We will also have a blog post announcing the event, but ask that you register prior to the event so that we can get a handle on the number of people who are going to participate.  Stay tuned to the Bike Blog to learn exactly when and where you can volunteer to help us make L.A. a better place to ride and park a bike.


TLC in the form of a new information sticker

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