Sharrows (Re)installed on Westholme Avenue

After a few weeks of interruption, Sharrows now run their proper course on Westholme Avenue from Santa Monica Boulevard to Hilgard Avenue.  We’ve been told that work crews re-installed the Sharrows along the upper portion of Westholme Avenue this past Friday atop the location where Sharrows had been paved over less than a month ago.  LADOT Bike Blog is proud to say that the Sharrows are back where they should be.

You won't see this on Westholme Avenue anymore

As part of LADOT’s test Sharrows project, Westholme Avenue received 1.3 miles of Sharrows in late July.  Only a month later, the Sharrows were covered over during a Bureau of Street Services resurfacing project.  LADOT Bike Blog was pretty embarrassed about the snafu, and we tried to explain exactly what had happened and give assurances that a re-installation was coming soon.  At the time, Streetsblog offered to take bets on how long it would be until the Sharrows came back.

So: who’s bet was for September 17th?

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