Senate set to vote on SB. 1464, the “Give me 3” bill

Senate Bill (SB) 1464, more commonly known as the “Give me 3” bill, unanimously passed it’s first senate subcommittee hearing, with an 8-0 vote 0n April 17th, before the Transportation and Housing Committee.

What’s Next: After undergoing review from the Senate Appropriations Committee, the bill is set to be voted on by the Senate, possibly sometime next week. You can contact your local Senator and show your support for the “Give me 3” campaign, Sb 1464 by following this link.

Give me 3

The “Give Me Three” campaign in support of SB 1464, the California 3 foot passing bill, is being sponsored by the California Bicycle Coalition (CBC) and the City of Los Angeles. Existing law requires that drivers keep a “safe distance” from bicyclists when passing, however this vague wording makes it difficult to enforce and leaves too much room for poor judgement. This new bill would change the California Vehicle Code to require a minimum of 3 feet when passing. To find out more about SB 1464 and the “Give me 3” campaign, check out the CBC’s FAQ sheet or read the bill’s  full language.

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  1. penny lynn cronau
    penny lynn cronau says:

    Hello to all Cyclist, Walkers, Joggers and LADOT, my comment and or suggestion. Our communties have NEIGHBOR HOOD WATCH BLOCK CAPTAINS. I would like to VOLENTEER my time to be of service. THE BIKE PATH WATCH CAPTAIN. I could wear a bright colored vest. a patch with volenteer. In my 26 years of riding, with over 200,000 miles on my legs I have never wanted to ride on a bike path. I have written 3 articles for TIPS FOR THE WOULD BE COMMUTOR. South West Cycling news paper, ( only those of us Master cyclist would remember) The LA Times, and the nation wide paper, ( Weyerhauser ). The articles were written because of my knowledge, experience, passion and example of commuting to and from work, to stores and to docters appts., I would like to either put together classes and or police the bike path. I was shocked the last 2 nights riding the bike path from Canoga and Sherman Way, traveling North up to Nordhoff. I now have confirmed as a commutor by bicycle that I am safer on our city streets. The pedestrians DO NOT have any ideas in regards to what side of the broken yellow line they should walk on. Families are 4,5, and 6 people across, from one side of the bike path to the other. Blocking the path for bike riders. Pedestrians were 4,5, and 6 people across the handicap and bike enterance at the curb on the corner. Children are stopping in the middle of the bike Path. We need to gather people who would like to volenteer monitoring the rules when using the bike path so it is safe for everyone. There needs to be signs with picture images on the does and don’t while using the bike path. It would be much too costly to to put up 3 to 4 signs in one area with the different languages. a visual sign with volenteers would be a safer path for everyone. I would really like to get involved as I was very involved over 20 years ago.

    The Masked Woman,
    Penny Lynn Cronau


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