Senate set to vote on SB. 1464, the “Give me 3” bill

Senate Bill (SB) 1464, more commonly known as the “Give me 3” bill, unanimously passed it’s first senate subcommittee hearing, with an 8-0 vote 0n April 17th, before the Transportation and Housing Committee.

What’s Next: After undergoing review from the Senate Appropriations Committee, the bill is set to be voted on by the Senate, possibly sometime next week. You can contact your local Senator and show your support for the “Give me 3” campaign, Sb 1464 by following this link.

Give me 3

The “Give Me Three” campaign in support of SB 1464, the California 3 foot passing bill, is being sponsored by the California Bicycle Coalition (CBC) and the City of Los Angeles. Existing law requires that drivers keep a “safe distance” from bicyclists when passing, however this vague wording makes it difficult to enforce and leaves too much room for poor judgement. This new bill would change the California Vehicle Code to require a minimum of 3 feet when passing. To find out more about SB 1464 and the “Give me 3” campaign, check out the CBC’s FAQ sheet or read the bill’s  full language.

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