Re-Greening Spring Street

A quick update on the touch up work that will be coming soon to Spring Street. Last Monday, we celebrated the opening of Downtown L.A.’s first green bikeway. The green colorization is intended to increase bicyclist comfort and motorist yielding behavior. Unfortunately, inclement weather did not allow for the paint to fully set, leading to some blotching that many of you have no-doubt seen.

The tentative date for the touch up work will be this Sunday, December 4th. Temporary “No Stopping” signs will go up sometime this week for the impending roadwork. Expect to see DOT work crews and cones placed along segments of the bike lane that require touching up. Please be mindful of the cones and do not ride or drive along the wet pavement to avoid unnecessary tire marks and to allow the paint to completely set.

The second coat of paint's looking good.

Expect to see crews along Spring Street this Sunday

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