Progress moves forward on the MyFigueroa Project


Tim Fremaux and David Somers present on the MyFigueroa project at the Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting.

Yesterday, the Department of City Planning and LADOT Staff reported back to the Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUM) on the MyFigueroa project. MyFigueroa aims to redesign the Figueroa corridor into a multimodal street that promotes walking, bicycling and transit use while fostering economic and community development. As the project moved through outreach and design phases, concerns were raised regarding how the final design balances the needs of all users and affects vehicular traffic in the downtown network. In their report to PLUM, staff addressed these concerns, specifically, how the project will work in conjunction with the 110 HOT lanes, future integration of the downtown street car, foreseeable economic impacts of the project and the feasibility of an alternate couplet design which would feature bicycle lanes installed along Flower St. and Figueroa St.

Ultimately, the Transportation and City Planning staff report concluded that a couplet alternative would have more impacts than the original concept due to street width constraints and immediate funding timelines established by the project’s funding grant.

Following the City’s staff report, Council District 9 and the Mayor’s Office spoke of the outcome of a half-day MyFigueroa stakeholder summit that took place the previous week. The summit brought together Transportation and City Planning staff along with key stakeholders to discuss how to move the project forward while effectively addressing concerns about the project. The Mayor’s and Council District 9 Staff submitted specific requests, outlining concrete steps to address public concerns about the MyFigueroa project without stalling the progress that has been made to date. City staff will continue to work with MyFigueroa stakeholders to produce a project that will suit all stakeholders’ needs and will report back to the PLUM committee with an update in 3 weeks.

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