One small step for the internet… One giant LEAP for the LADOT Bike Program!

Stop the newsfeeds! Big news over here on the internet! After many months of planning, designing, and delving deep into the psyche of the user, we are ready to LEAP into the future with a whole new approach to the LADOT Bike Program internet experience: We don’t want to brag too much, but the next time you take a look at our website, chances are, you will be impressed. Our brand new website is bigger, better, and easier to use than ever before! Not only has the website received a navigational and aesthetic makeover, bringing it straight into the middle-2010’s- we’ve also overhauled the LADOT Bike Blog! We’re very excited to announce #LeapLA, the new face of the Bike Blog that meets the broader active transportation demands of the times.


Counters! How many bicycle racks, bicycle lanes, and commuters are in the city?

#LeapLA, speaks to our larger calling: Life for Everyday Active People. Besides keeping Angelenos up to date and informed on current bicycle projects, news and events, #LeapLA serves as an information hub for all forms of active transportation in the City of Los Angeles. We want #LeapLA to focus on people and their quality of life, whether they are people on bicycles, people walking, people skating, rollerblading, and more. We know people in LA get around in all kinds of ways and that the more options there are, the better time we make and the better experience we have.

#LeapLA focuses on our multi-modal experience lived on the streets of Los Angeles, because let’s face it: you may ride a bike, but sometimes you ride your bike, hop on a train, and then walk to your final destination. Rollerblade to work every morning? Get multimodal with the Commuter Express downtown, then snag a bike from a nearby bikeshare station (coming soon!) for that last mile! Our goal: no matter how you get around the city, #LeapLA has you covered!

#LeapLA will also host new forms of content, so that the public can stay informed and up to date on how LADOT’s projects are designed, funded and implemented. We’ll be hosting more guest blogs written by planners, engineers, project coordinators and other members of the City’s staff. And don’t worry, our new favorite, the Engineer’s Corner is here to stay!

We want our new website to continue to engage and facilitate LA’s culture of active transportation. #LeapLA is just one space for us to get your feedback. Additionally, we’ve created a whole new “Engage” section of the website; that will host resources and information for everyone from new commuter cyclists, policy wonks, street design fanatics or anyone who wants to enjoy life in L.A. as an active and engaged person, like:

  • A calendar of events, showing upcoming active transportation events in Los Angeles. You can even submit your own event to be included!
  • Information on bicycles and the law, from California Vehicle Code sections, laws for sidewalk riding, bicycle safety and etiquette tips, and what to do if your bicycle is stolen.
  • A list of bicycling resources that includes information on community groups, a library of LADOT documents (copy of the Complete Streets Design Guide 2015, anyone?) and research, and information on annual events like Bike to Work Day and CicLAvia.

We’ve taken our old map and taught it some new tricks!

Another major feature of the new website is a redesigned and fully featured online map. Our new map is pumped up to the max! Featuring a layered GIS-online interface, not only will it show you the standard bike lanes, sharrows, protected lanes, but all the fun layers to help you plan and play, like Parks & Open Space, and Great Street Locations. Looking for a bicycle repair station? Bicycle corralPeople St. Parklets and Plazas? You can find all of these on our new map, along with every single LADOT bicycle rack in the city!

This new map has even more! Want to see if your street has a bike lane planned in the most recent mobility plan? Our new map includes all the important network information from Mobility Plan 2035: the Bicycle Enhanced-, Neighborhood Enhanced-, and Bicycle Lane Networks too.

Not feeling tech-y? You can still request a printed map any time with our online request form! Want something more tailored to your needs? Zoom in and save a smaller section of the map. Print it out, fold it up, and you’ve got your own personalized bike map for your next trip!


The Sidewalk Rack Request system received a major overhaul.

Moving right along, let’s take a tour of another suped up feature: Bike Rack Requests! Love requesting bike racks for all your favorite spots? Check out our new and improved Bicycle Rack Request system. In the good ol’ days, you’d request a rack and simply wait for it to be installed. Now, as each rack request moves through the process, you’ll receive an email update as the rack location is field checked, approved, marked out and installed.


Know exactly when your request gets approved!

There’s a whole lot of informative and great features on the new website. It’s almost too much to list it all, but we’ll give you a few more teasers:

  • Information about the upcoming City of LA/Metro Bikeshare Program.
  • Links and information on upcoming projects like Neighborhood Streets , MyFig, Great Streets and other new developments for mobility in LA.
  • Details on how the Bicycle Program collaborates with other divisions within LADOT and the City.
  • Information and visual examples of LADOT’s bicycle infrastructure: protected bike lanes, bike paths, repair stations and corrals.


    Just one of many new infographics in the new resource library.

  • We’ve streamlined our update process, so that current maps, info and resources will be online faster than ever.
  • Contact forms to get in touch with planners and engineers in the Bikeways Program.

Get to know what, when, where, why, and how the Bicycle Program works!

The original LADOT has done an amazing job keeping Angelenos informed and up to date on for over 18 years on projects, services and news. was an innovation when it was created, and it’s time for’s next chapter. The new is more than just a face-lift; it’s the next step in an inclusive and collaborative in how active transportation is shaped and improved in Los Angeles. We’re looking forward to it, and hope you’re ready to join the #LeapLA!


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