One more reason to congratulate Chris Kidd

Bike Corral Ceremony Photogs

Chris Kidd applauds the York Bike Corral, beside a few of his fans, advocates and co-workers alike

While we regretfully contemplate an L.A. without Chris Kidd, we’ve got one more reason to applaud his LADOT Bike Blog efforts: We received word last week that Chris has won the California statewide Student Planner award from the American Planning Association’s California chapter, the “2011 Distinguished Leadership Award for a Student Planner”. Chris really did a terrific job of putting a human face on the efforts of everyone involved in making L.A. a more bikeable place, advocates and city workers alike. While we’ll miss his enthusiasm and doggedness, we hope the best for him in the Bay Area. He’ll receive his award this September, at the California APA conference.

Here’s what readers had to say about Chris’ departure, from the comments to Chris’ last post:

bikerdude It was a great ride with you… take care.

kayojon Thanks for being a pioneer for the biking community and the City of LA.

sirinyairinya Wow! You’ve done a great job here, Chris. Best wishes on your next step!

C-More Ahh, sad to read about the passing of the torch, excited to see what is ahead for LADOT Bike Blog, even more so to hear what Chris will be doing! Looking back at all the hard work and energy that Chris put into this blog it is no wonder why it is so successful. Chris would dedicate countless unpaid hours at meetings/rides/events/ and research to make sure he would have content for his loyal readers. His fan base blossomed from a few loyal fans to countless numbers of people and hits! …Chris will surely be missed but I expect to hear great things from him in the very near future! Good work and good luck Chris!

Evan Three cheers for Chris! I remember when this first started there was a lot of skepticism, and a little bit hostility, towards the LADOT Bike Blog. I know I was skeptical. You’ve done a great job becoming part of the conversation and improving cycling in LA…

Alex de Cordoba I think I commented something snarky on your first post. You were a gentleman then and a gentleman now. I wish you success in your next adventure.

And everyone should view Dennis Hindman’s comment in its original glory, thanks for summing it up so well Dennis!

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  1. Roadblock
    Roadblock says:

    I just want to say thanks to Chris and that I’ve always supported the LADOT bike blog from day one and will continue to praise the good because I want to see more of it.

    Chris has been an asset for the LADOT and a great resource for questions on policy offline. The next person has some big shoes to fill but I’m sure will do a great job thanks to the foundation that has been built here already.


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