Notice for July BPIT, 7/5/11: Educational Programs, Bicycle Friendly Streets, and More Bike Lanes

Next Tuesday, July 5th, will see the next meeting of the Bike Plan Implementation Team (BPIT).  Here is the agenda for the meeting. BPIT meetings are held, as always, from 2:00-3:30 in room 721 in City Hall.

This month represents a slight shift in the direction of the BPIT, both in terms of topics discussed and in terms of the decision process for new projects. If you want to help shape the schedule and priorities for the next stage of bike plan implementation, it’s incumbent that you attend July’s meeting. If you aren’t able to make it out to the meeting, leave your comments below and LADOT Bike Blog will make sure they get into the hands of City Planning.

Among other items, the BPIT will discuss the Safe Moves bicycle education program

Not Just Bike Lanes

As mentioned above, this coming BPIT meeting will focus much less on infrastructure projects and more on programmatic elements of the 2010 LA Bike Plan. Attendees at earlier BPIT meetings had expressed an interest in discussing issues other than the implementation of bike lanes and City Planning has listened. This coming meeting will discuss the Safe Moves program, implementation priorities for Bicycle Friendly Streets, a few bike lane projects, and how the BPIT should address other program priorities in the Bike Plan.

Safe Moves

The meeting will start off with a presentation from Pat Hines, founder of the Safe Moves Program. Safe Moves works under contract with the City of Los Angeles to provide bicycle safety education to hundreds of thousands of LAUSD school children every year.

New Projects

There are four new bike lane projects coming before the BPIT this month. The Central LA projects are on Vermont Avenue (from Wilshire to Venice), MLK Jr. Boulevard (from Marlton to Figueroa), and the remainder of 7th Street (from Figueroa to Soto). The single North-East LA project is a whopper: North Figueroa Street from San Fernando Road to Colorado Boulevard (5.1 miles!). You can see these projects (along with the other BPIT priority projects) on our Draft BPIT Project Map.

Help set Bicycle Friendly Street Priorities

The BPIT will also discuss how to pursue, and implement, Bicycle Friendly Street (BFS) projects throughout the City. Many BFS projects won’t require the same approval processes as some of the bike lanes in the LA Bike Plan, meaning we could see them on our streets in the near future.  The BPIT is looking for guidance on which BFS’s to prioritize. Attached to the July BPIT agenda are three pages of BFS’s listed in the 2010 LA Bike Plan. We invite the LA Bicycle Community to go through this list and let us know which streets they prefer the City to prioritize for implementation. For a refresher on what a BFS could look like, check out our ongoing series “Anatomy of a Bicycle Friendly Street“.

The Other “Es”

The vision of  the 2010 LA Bike Plan is anchored on the five “Es” of bicycle planning: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation. So far, the BPIT has focused heavily on the Engineering “E”. The BPIT hopes to have an open-ended discussion in the July meeting about how the BPIT can address the other “Es” of the bike plan in an open, equitable way, and how these other four “Es” can be robustly implemented.

7/5/11, 2:00-3:30, City Hall Room 721

So come on out to the BPIT next Tuesday. Admittedly, the meetings can get a little overly technical sometimes, but they are the best way to interface with the City on making the 2010 LA Bike Plan a reality.

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