Next Phase of 4th Street Transformation on the Horizon

Living blocks away from 4th Street biased me from Day One. I became even more attached to this priority project when I helped mark our second round of sharrows from Wilton Place to Cochran Avenue. Personal prejudices aside, this future bicycle boulevard (called a “Bicycle Friendly Street” in the LA Bike Plan) has remained at the forefront of bike plan implementation discussions for good reason – as one of the most direct, low volume connections across the City.


Bicyclists on 4th Street during last summer's Tour LaBonge

A Bicycle Friendly Street on 4th Street is one of the priority projects for the Bike Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) and has long been a dream of both the LACBC and CD 4 Council Member Tom LaBonge. To roll out the next phase of bicycle improvements for 4th Street, we here at the LADOT Bike Program have begun community outreach efforts to determine the most efficient use of available bicycle infrastructure funds. 4th Street already has sharrows for over 3 miles from Cochran Ave to Hoover St. It also has new bike-sensitive loop detectors which can pick up the wheel of a bicycle at each stoplight. If you’re unsure of where to place your bike to activate the signal, check out our previous post here.

4th Street Map – Existing Conditions

4th Street "Bicycle Friendly Street" Existing Conditions

The link below has a high-res PDF version of this map

To better facilitate discussions, I wanted to map the current conditions of 4th Street. This map (also cross-posted in the “Project Documents” section of the BPIT Page) identifies each intersection control with a color-coded palette representing the ease of crossing for bicyclists on 4th Street. To better prioritize intersection improvements, I also show other designated Bicycle Friendly Streets from the 2010 Bike Plan that intersect with 4th Street. Prioritizing more intensive treatments at these intersections pay double dividends because they improve bicycling conditions on two Bicycle Friendly Streets rather than just one.

Moving Forward

4th Street is our first Bicycle Friendly Street pilot project, and will include a large amount of community outreach. Staff is currently developing concept designs for various treatments, and the next step will be to obtain community support for specific projects before moving forward with final design of the first round of treatments. In the future, we plan to make similar maps for other bike-friendly streets to enhance our outreach efforts for other Bicycle Friendly Streets.

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