New Bike Maps Galore; Updated Valley Maps Coming Soon

As Josef at Flying Pigeon blogged about earlier this month, the LADOT Bike Program has brand new bike maps for the City of Los Angeles.  We’ve had quite a rush on map requests since then.


That's only the last week of requests

In fact, we’ve filled so many requests lately that we’ve almost run out of our first print order for the Valley edition of the maps.  The LADOT Bike Program is using this opportunity to our benefit, updating our Valley edition maps again so the next print order will contain the most up-to-date bike infrastructure information possible.  Bike lanes like the ones on Woodman, Reseda, and Louise that were installed after the map went out to print will be added to the new batch.


That bike map of the Valley could soon be a collector's item

In the meantime, if you want your own set of new LADOT bike maps, put in your request right here.

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