More Changes for LADOT Bike Blog: Project Pages

LADOT Bike Blog has, from the beginning, been committed to transparency.  Good planning decisions are made when the public is given access to information and is included in the planning process.  In another incremental step towards that goal of transparency, LADOT Bike Blog is proud to introduce Bikeways Project pages for both bike lanes and bike paths.  Those tabs at the top of the page next to Links and Sharrows will contain up-to-date information on all the infrastructure projects Bikeways staff are working on.

Our blog isn't the only thing under construction

These two pages will be a continual work in progress, usually being updated once a month.  Hopefully, we will begin to add target dates for completion and details on construction as the months go by.

If there’s additional information you’d like to see included on the Projects pages in the future, leave your comments below.

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