Mayor’s Recommendations go To Metro Committee Tomorrow

(Ed. Note:  LADOT Bike Blog is not versed in the intricacies of Metro – heck, even some LADOT procedures are new to us – and thus mis-characterized the purpose of tomorrow’s meeting.  Our sincerest apologies to the folks at Metro.)

Short notice, we know, but you should probably know about Metro’s Executive Management & Audit Committee meeting taking place tomorrow morning at 9AM.  Among other agenda items (you can read the agenda here, h/t to the Bike Metro Facebook Page), the committee is being asked to “receive and file actions being taken to respond to the September board directive on Metro’s Bicycle Policies and Program”.  Born out of the Mayor’s Bike Summit this summer, the “actions” referenced above make up 10 requested initiatives, both short-term and long-term, to make Metro more bicycle friendly.

The initiatives come in a 10 item matrix, consisting of:

  1. Recommend increased bicycle funding in Metro’s 2011 Call For Projects (tentatively increasing the bicycle modal category from 7% to 15%, pending MTA board approval).
  2. Develop a phased plan to install triple racks on all MTA buses
  3. Develop a cost estimate, implementation schedule, and funding sources to retrofit subway and light rail  cars for bicycles
  4. Propose a revised Customer Code of Conduct to be more bicycle friendly and create a “how to ride metro” document for large package, bicycles, strollers, etc.
  5. Identify the feasibility of adding bike racks to MTA vanpool vehicles
  6. Provide estimated costs and potential funding sources to install improved way-finding signage at all Metro stations
  7. Include bicycle mode messages in all Metro marketing materials and provide updates on Metro’s Bicycle Safety Advertising Campaign
  8. Work with LA County Sheriff to track bicycle theft and crime at all Metro stations and suggest safety improvements
  9. Include ramp designs for stairs at all new Metro stations so bicyclists can wheel their bikes up the stairs; and
  10. Incorporate robust bicycle facilities in all new transit project designs to facilitate first/last mile transit access

Also on the docket is the property swap at the Hollywood & Vine Metro station that will allow for the construction of a new bike station.  The action item is meant to:

  • “Approve transfer of $92,105 in one-time payment from Hollywood-Vine Hotel Developer to the bicycle parking program for future implementation of the Hollywood-Vine Bike Room Demonstration Project.”
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  1. bikerdude
    bikerdude says:

    The Mayor’s on a mission! Now we need the new bike plan to be approved by City Council.

    I thought for sure the mayor would wimp out but he is moving the bicycle agenda forward in the City of Los Angeles. Good for him and a nice surprise for me.


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