Mayor Villaraigosa Scores Another Win for Bikes; New Bike Racks at City Hall

Mayor Villaraigosa today took another step towards improvements for bicyclists in Los Angeles.  We’ll cover that in a bit, but first: New Bike Racks!


Brand new bike racks, glinting in the sun

Redressing Bike Rack Wrongs

These three new racks were installed along Main Street last week with the help of LADOT Bikeways and General Services, just steps away from the entrance to City Hall.  Criticized in the past for hiding bike parking across the street at City Hall East, these new bike racks show the City’s increasing commitment to providing bicyclists with the facilities they need and deserve.  More photos, as always, are at LADOT Bike Blog’s flickr page.


A view of the new racks from City Hall's entrance

Mayor Secures Greater Commitment to Bicyclists from Metro

Today at Metro’s Board Meeting, a motion introduced by Mayor Villaraigosa for greater bicycle funding passed unanimously.  The motion directs greater funding to be dedicated towards bicycle projects in Metro’s yearly Call for Projects and for bike friendly accommodations to be made on current and future transit projects.

From the soon-to-be-published press release:


Increases infrastructure and support for bikes in transit network.

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority today approved a motion by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to increase funding and resources for bicycles as part of the transit network.  The measure will encourage and facilitate the use of bicycles in conjunction with buses and trains.

“I am proud to be an advocate for bicycles and transit, and together they contribute to healthier and more sustainable communities,” said Mayor Villaraigosa.  “The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority can do better to build bike infrastructure into stations and lines and encourage ridership by incorporating bikes into long range planning.”

Mayor Villaraigosa’s motion recommends that funding for bicycle projects be increased in the 2011 Call for Projects to encourage cities throughout the County to integrate bicycles into streets.  The Call for Projects typically provides funds for several categories of large and small local projects including bicycle racks and wayfinding signage.

The measure also calls for bike friendly improvements to the current transit system and future transit projects.  In the short term the agency will develop a phased plan for the installation of triple bicycle racks on all its buses (estimated cost $1.6 million).  Officials also will develop a cost estimate, implementation schedule, and possible funding sources for retrofitting its trains to accommodate bikes.

Mayor Villaraigosa’s measure also directs that all future transit station designs include stair channels or ramps so that bicyclists can wheel their bikes safely up and down staircases and incorporate robust bicycle facilities in all transit project designs (e.g. increase bicycle parking at high demand stations, adjacent bike lanes or bike paths, i.e. Expo and Orange Line) to facilitate first mile/last mile transit access by bike.

“Los Angeles has the ideal terrain and climate for bicycling, and I want to encourage both casual recreational cyclists and bicycle commuters to take advantage of more opportunities to get out on a bike,” added Mayor Villaraigosa.

LADOT Bike Blog salutes the Mayor’s continued advocacy and action on behalf of the Los Angeles bicycle community.

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  1. VW
    VW says:

    sweet! living and working Downtown, I often drop by City Hall via bike, and used to lock to the metal railing of the ADA ramps there on Main. I didn’t even know about the City Hall East racks… anyway, thanks! these will be well used.


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