Mayor Villaraigosa Announces Bike Summit for August 16

Living up to his statement “It’s time to recognize that bicycles also belong on L.A.’s streets“, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has announced a public Bike Summit for August 16th.  You can read the Mayor’s press release here.  The Bike Summit will convene from 9AM to 11AM at Metro’s Boardroom at One Gateway Plaza.

Topics at the Bike Summit will include bikes on Metro at peak hours

Stemming from Mayor Villaraigosa’s incident with a taxi in the Venice Boulevard bike lane (which left him with a broken elbow), the Mayor has renewed his commitment to making LA a bicycle friendly city.  The Bike Summit, also covered at places like LAist and Curbed LA, is meant to reach out to the bicycle community, educate people about improvements the City is making today, and solicit the feedback of riders who spend their days on LA’s streets.

Topics at the Bike Summit will range from City Planning’s draft of the 2010 LA Bike Plan, LAPD’s relationship with the bicycle community as well as the enforcement of safe driving and riding laws, and Metro’s efforts to integrate bicycles on trains and subway cars.

The support of Mayor Villaraigosa is a great boon for the bicycling community, and LADOT Bike Blog hopes you will be able to attend.  Just remember: 9-11 AM on August 16th at the Metro Boardroom.

If you’re interested in attending bicycle advocacy meetings in the meantime, make sure you check out the BAC meeting on August 9th and/or the Metro Bicycle Round Table on August 11th.

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