Main St. (Venice) Bike Lanes Video

Main st

Interns Darren and Jose enjoying a ride on the Main St. bike lanes

About a month ago, Department of Transportation crews installed bike lanes on Main St. (in Venice) between Windward Circle and the City Limit. Main St. represents a successful implementation of what we’ve recently been calling a “road buffet”, many thanks to Roadblock for coining the term, which changed the street’s configuration from four vehicle lanes (two in each direction) to two lanes with an additional two way left turn lane and bicycle lanes in each direction. We like Don’s term for this type of street space reallocation better than “road diet” because these projects accommodate more modes after undergoing the switch, not less. Road diets/buffets are part of a growing trend in cities to create more complete streets that accommodate all users (bikes, transit, cars and pedestrians) to create a transportation network whose focus is on moving people and providing more choices. Below is a video from our recent ride on the Main St. bike lanes that shows how effectively a street that’s been treated to a road buffet can function. For some history on the project, check out our previous post here. Also, be sure tell us what you guys think about the video and “road buffets” in the comments section below.



Nice camera work, Darren

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