Main St. (Downtown) Bike Lanes and Spring St. Material Testing

Alfred installs a bike lane sign

Bike lanes going in on Main St. 9th St. to Venice Blvd.

Main St. in Downtown Los Angeles will soon be getting bike lanes from 9th St. to Venice Blvd./16th St. Installation is scheduled to begin the weekend of February 11th and be completed by February 18th. These new bike lanes will pick up right where the Spring St. bike lane left off, extending the bikeway network south towards South Park. Design work has also begun for a northbound bike lane on Main St. (from 9th to Cesar Chavez) that will compliment the existing southbound Spring St. bike lane.


LADOT will also be conducting green material testing along Spring St. on Sunday, February 12th. Six different material types will be tested along three blocks: 7th to 6th, 6th to 5th and Temple to Aliso. More information (and driving/parking restrictions for that day) can be found on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council’s website. We’ll have more on the material testing later this early next week.

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