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Good Afternoon, Bicyclist.

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We’re inviting you to join us in this new endeavor we’re calling the “LADOT Bike Blog”. The bicycling community in Los Angeles has seen explosive growth over the last few years and the online bicycling community has grown along with it. Accordingly, the L.A. bicycling community deserves an online source of information on bike happenings from LADOT Bikeways.

We care about bikes and bike infrastructure almost as much as you do. We want L.A. to be the best place in the state, nation, and world to ride a bicycle. We’ve already got the weather for it, and we’ve got the topography too. But we’ve also got a whole host of other factors that we have to take into account when doing our daily jobs. Some of those things (read: a lot) get in the way of making L.A. the best place to ride a bike, but we do our best given the current conditions within the bureaucracy of America’s third largest city and second largest metro region.

A lot of friction between the L.A. bicycle community and LADOT Bikeways has risen from our inability to effectively communicate our goals and rationale to a growing, vocal, and increasingly connected bicycle community. LADOT Bikeways can sometimes come across like we’re not doing too much, but it is mainly because we didn’t tell you about all the things we ARE doing. Did you know that LADOT Bikeways runs a children’s bicycle safety program? We’ve got a number of bike paths that are in the preliminary design, funded, in construction or about to go to construction stages. We’re working on completing a sharrows study with the LACBC for the City of Los Angeles. We’re working on 14 Bike Lane projects in various stages of design and installation. We’re working on a comprehensive, up-to-date, interactive map of all bicycle parking in LA. We’re working with City Planning on, as I’m sure much of you know, getting a new comprehensive bicycle plan for Los Angeles.

The future of this blog will attempt to inform LA’s bicycling public about the projects that LADOT is working on and the people behind making those projects a reality. Additionally, we’ll also try to be a destination for bicycle-related news that happens in Los Angeles and Southern California. Finally, we hope to give LADOT Bikeways’ perspective on developments in bicycle planning and policy in the City of Los Angeles as it happens.

It’s admittedly an ambitious vision. So take it easy dear readers. I am, after all, the new kid.

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  1. Sirinya
    Sirinya says:

    Hey Chris!

    Congratulations on the launch of the blog.
    Carlos M told me about the blog (I know Carlos from grad school). I’d like to think that you and Carlos M are 100% gung-ho bikes.

    We’ve got a Cyclist Corner built into our blog at http://www.beagreencommuter.com, the official blog of UCLA Transportation, and I can’t wait to talk up your site.

    My best,

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hi Chris,

    Welcome to the Los Angeles Bike Dialogue! On behalf of the L.A. bicycle community, allow me to formally extend an invitation to see cyclists utilizing the roadways en masse:


    It will be a great opportunity for LADOT to see the true potential for transit re-engineering aimed at serving humans, regardless of mode.

    Do Come & Blog About It!

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Ouch, a buffer between the do-nothing LA DOT and the actual biking community. I feel bad for you! Good luck.
    At least you can just keep cutting and pasting the parts about what the LA DOT is ‘working on’ and you never have to come up with new material.

  4. Gina
    Gina says:

    A good idea to promote biking and bike saftey would be to paint bike sharrow emblems on all city streets in commercial areas with sighs that inform motorists of the new laws:
    “Bikes may use entire lane.”

  5. Gina
    Gina says:

    Want to get rid of gridlock?

    Lower street mph from 35 to 30, this way cars don’t race up to stop lights and get grid locked.

    I was a professional driver for FedEx for ten years and I know from experience and observation that driving faster on city streets causes grid lock.

  6. Will Campbell
    Will Campbell says:

    “We care about bikes and bike infrastructure almost as much as you do.”

    The “almost” makes that either a very honest statement or a very telling one.

    I’ll refrain from deciding and instead just hope for the best almost as much as this new kid does.

  7. Brian Humphrey
    Brian Humphrey says:

    Congratulations on the launch of LADOT’s new Bike Blog. The men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department (many of whom are avid cyclists) look forward to future postings, and our public outreach staff looks forward to collaborating on articles that stress safety from both a prevention aspect – as well as what to do in the event of witnessing or experiencing an emergency.

    Again, congratulations and best wishes!

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  8. Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales says:

    My name is Carlos Morales aka “Chapulin”, Founder of the EASTSIDE BIKE CLUB (ESBC), a community bike riding group that host TWO BIKE RIDES A WEEK.

    ESBC rides on Tuesday Nights and Saturday Mornings.
    We ride all over the city and beyond. We welcome everyone! All ages from 6 year olds to seventy six year olds, all types of bikes: beach cruisers, fixed gear, road, mountain, hybrid, BMX, recumbents, choppers, tall bikes and everything else you can think of.

    We are on the streets of LA 95% of the time we ride. Once in a while we take a bike path or river path. I often times ride to work which is only a couple of miles round trip.

    I also publish a local community newspaper THE VOICE in the Northeast Los Angeles area and have a bike column in which we feature bike related events, outings, articles and once in a while product reviews. Most of the time I ride my bikes to meet advertisers, go to interview community stakeholders, attend press conferences, respond to crime scenes (Fires, shootings, stabbings) and yes, sometimes even deliver the paper on our bikes!

    Hope this blog evolves to become a positive communication tool that will benefit all cyclist in our city, time will tell. Good Luck!

  9. Roadblock
    Roadblock says:

    Thank you for starting this. As a blogger and forum admin I would like to offer a little unsolicited advice if you would be so kind as to accpet… This blog has huge potential for the LADOT. If you would like to see this blog become a magnet for public participation please think about some basic forum wisdoms….

    Allow for instant posting of comments / no pre-moderation.

    Do not censor anything except vulgarity, racism and extreme insult.

    Accept that the public is of diverse opinion, trust that for the (potentially many) negative criticisms there will also be positive words, but above all everything should be heard.

    Respond to people in the comments.

    Once again, I am really stoked to see this blog come about. I feel the tide turning. I trust that the LADOT is starting to realize the ability to solve TRAFFIC congestion that advocating and facilitating bicycle transportation will accomplish.

    Thank you LADOT and good luck.


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