LA’s first Bicycle Friendly Business District is coming to Northeast Los Angeles

Small businesses and bikes blend on N. Figueroa St., Photo courtesy Flying Pigeon LA

We are happy to announce that the City of Los Angeles is working on establishing its first Bicycle Friendly Business District in Northeast Los Angeles.  For the past year, the Bike Program has been developing a Bicycle Friendly Business District (BFBD) program to foster a broad and engaging range of bicycle friendly features in business districts or corridors.

The program aims to provide districts with adequate bicycle facilities including bicycle parking and repair stations, bikeways, creating maps of the bikeway network, installing signage, and facilitating bicycle wayfinding.  By cultivating bicycle friendly business practices in local businesses and developing local business districts to welcome patrons on bicycles, these districts seek to build community, increase physical activity, and make streets less congested while supporting Los Angeles neighborhood businesses.

Bicycle Friendly Business Districts – What are they?

A BFBD is a partnership between the City, neighborhood and business organizations, and local businesses that improves a business district’s Bicycle Friendliness through bicycle infrastructure and local business promotions to people travelling by bicycle.  The district encourages and promotes short, local trips, especially for shopping, dining and recreation.

The BFBD program complements complete streets and traffic calming objectives in order to capture local dollars and further neighborhood development in Los Angeles.  Districts cooperate with the LADOT, the Council Office, and local community partners to implement services already offered free of charge through the LADOT Bike Program.

These services, infrastructure, and other program elements combine with  local investment in bicycle amenities and programs privately funded by neighborhood and business partners.

Northeast LA Pilot

The BFBD program is in its first pilot phase in Northeast Los Angeles.  This pilot will serve as a basis for a citywide program expected to be launched in 2015-16.

The pilot targets Northeast LA’s primary business corridors: Colorado Boulevard, York Boulevard, Eagle Rock Boulevard, and N. Figueroa Street.  The area was selected for study because of its recent additions of bicycle infrastructure, including:

Northeast LA Bikeways

Northeast LA also has abundant commercially zoned corridors and already has significant bicycle infrastructure commitments.  Local Businesses have already generously pledged maintenance responsibilities for Bicycle Corrals and Bicycle Repair Stations in the project area, starting the trend of bicycle friendly business practices.

Current and future bicycle infrastructure that has been sponsored by local NELA businesses

For the pilot, the LADOT Bike Program has partnered with Occidental College Urban and Environmental Policy Institute and C.I.C.L.E. to bring together community partners into a consortium that will envision and pursue amenities and events that will make Northeast LA neighborhoods more friendly to bikes through both infrastructure, business, and cultural offerings.

What can businesses do to be Bicycle Friendly?

A Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) extends a warm welcome to customers arriving by bicycle and benefits from the resulting exposure and goodwill within the community. A BFB might offer discounts to people travelling by bicycle, bicycle-themed promotions, bicycle-friendly amenities, benefits to employees who bicycle, or other incentives.

For more information about the Northeast LA Bicycle Friendly Business District Pilot you can view or download the full presentation here:

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