LADOT Stripes 2 New Sections of Bike Lanes in the Valley

This past weekend, the LADOT Bike Program oversaw the striping of 2.4 more miles of bike lanes in the Valley.  A few final construction elements are ongoing (like signal adjustments), but the bike lanes are ready to go.  Our bike lane project page and our projects google map are adjusted accordingly.

Reseda BLRinaldi BL 

Rinaldi Street

Stretching 1.3 miles from Mason Ave in the west to Tampa Ave in the east, the Rinaldi bike lanes are a key connection in the north Valley bicycle network.  Not only does it close the gap of existing bike lanes on Rinaldi (one section nearly 6 miles from Laurel Canyon Road in the east to Tampa Ave and the other section 0.7 miles from Desoto Ave in the west to Mason Ave – creating a continuous bike lane almost 8 miles long), but it also connects to bike lanes on Tampa Ave, bike lanes on Corbin Ave, bike lanes on Porter Ranch Road, and bike lanes on Mason Ave.  This project gives as much “bang for your buck” as possible when trying to achieve gap closure of existing facilities.

Reseda Boulevard

Reseda Boulevard is one step closer to becoming a continuous spine of north/south bicycle infrastructure in the Valley with this newest striping of 1.1 miles of bike lanes.  Going from Valerio Street in the south to Roscoe Boulevard in the north, this stretch of bike lanes connects with the Reseda Sharrows.  The last section necessary for a continuous ride from San Fernando Mission Boulevard in the north to well into the Santa Monica Mountains in the south (over 9 miles of infrastructure) is a half-mile section of bike lanes from Roscoe Boulevard to Parthenia Street.  The LADOT Bike Program will work with CD 12 and the local community to help make this last section of bike lanes a reality.

Up Next

The next bike lanes on the LADOT Bike Program docket are a mile-long section of bike lanes on Woodman Avenue in the east Valley.  When we get the go-ahead, LADOT Bike Blog will be there to let you know.

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