LADOT: Sharrows installed on Adams Blvd.

We’ve officially hit the 2/3 mark on LADOT Bikeways’ pilot project Sharrows. Installation of new Sharrows took place this weekend along West Adams Boulevard from South Figueroa Street to South Vermont Avenue, adding just under 1 mile of new Sharrows.

New Sharrows connect to the Hoover Bike Lanes

LADOT Bikeways staff set down the markers for the Sharrows before installation. As usual, they measured 12 feet out from the curb.

Adams Boulevard is a tough stretch of road to deal with when looking to implement Sharrows. There are sections of red curb, peak-hour lanes, and stretches of the road with T.A.N.S.A.T. signs. All of these things preclude us from laying down Sharrows, as we can only place them beside parallel parking spaces. It leaves a stretch of Adams, just west of Figueroa, Sharrows-free. The upside is that LADOT Bikeways was able to remove (with the support of Council Districts 1 and 8) some peak-hour signs along Adams, turning them into full-time parking spaces which made it possible to install Sharrows.

Notice anything missing?

After the first few hundred feet of frustration, however, it’s smooth sailing. Once they begin, the Sharrows extend, uninterrupted, all the way to Vermont Avenue.

It's like the Sharrows just go off into the horizon...

The Sharrows on Adams have the potential to be a very beneficial connector in the neighborhood. Both Figueroa and Vermont are major bus routes. The Sharrows along Adams will be able to connect bus-riding bicyclists to the 1.4 mile stretch of Bike Lanes on Hoover from Venice to Jefferson.

On the Corner of Hoover & Adams

It goes almost without mention that the Adams Sharrows are also in close proximity to USC and a very high concentration of bicyclists. LADOT Bike Blog has often seen, as a student at USC, many fellow students riding their bikes around campus or on the Hoover bikes lanes, but rarely anywhere else. By increasing the bicycle infrastructure around the university, there may be a greater chance that students will choose to bicycle to their destination rather than drive. Finally, the Adams Sharrows also go right past the Hoover Recreation Center.

Now accesible via Sharrow

Taking photos while riding around Adams, LADOT Bike Blog saw quite a few other bicyclists out and about. But similar to our experiences on Reseda, many of these riders were using the sidewalks. As more riders and drivers get used to Sharrows, we’ll hopefully see these bicyclists take their rightful place on the roadway in a safe manner.

And, as always, you can check out all of our photos from Adams on our Flickr page.

Only two more pilot sites left! Ride safe out there.

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