LA/2B Mobility Element Update

During the October Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting, City Planning announced that they would soon be embarking on a three year campaign to update the City’s Transportation Element. This Transportation Element update (which will now be referred to as the Mobility Element) will build upon the hard work that culminated last year in the City’s 2010 Bicycle Master Plan. The Bike Plan – part of the Mobility Element – will stand to benefit from the development of a layered network that prioritizes our streets based on a designated modal emphasis. In other words, streets will be prioritized by mode (bicycle, pedestrian, transit, car).  When agglomerated, this will create a mobility network that can accommodate all modes of travel throughout the City. Other exciting changes coming to the Mobility Element including updated Street Standards and revised street performance and measurement tools that consider all modes. For more information about the LA/2B project and to join in on the conversation, please visit their blog and citywide dialogue page.

7th Street Bike Lanes

Help the City plan the future of our streets - photo via Joe Anthony

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