Testing of a bike ring rack on a City’s parking meter stand.

Just keeping you in the HOOP: Parking Meters are the New Bike Racks!

We got a #bikeLA SLAM DUNK! By mid-summer 2016, you will start to see meter post bike racks popping up in Westwood Village, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Great Streets corridors. Cycle Hoops will help to expand your bicycle parking options in some of our city’s most congested business districts and corridors. Meter post bike racks are just what they sound like: Bike racks on meter posts! I know what you’re thinking… I ALREADY park my bicycle on parking meters all the time! Well, let us do what we do best around here on #leapLA: we gonna get technical witchoo.


Our new Cycle Hoop meter post bike rack being tested by Active Transportation Division Student Worker Severin Martinez.

Unfortunately, parking your bicycle on a parking meter is currently illegal, but City Council gave us the opportunity to test a meter bike parking program. As stated by Section 88.10. of Chapter VIII, Division U of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC), “It shall be unlawful for any person to attach anything or to allow a bicycle, newsrack or any other article or thing to lean against a parking meter or a parking meter standard.” After much internal work, in late 2015, the LA City Council allowed Ordinance  No. 183951 for a pilot program to provide an exemption for the use of parking meter posts for bicycle parking purposes. As a result, our division is already programming the implementation of the meter post bike rack pilot program for your bicycle parking enjoyment!

This new program will allow for the installation of new bike parking facilities on parking meter posts located along some of LA’s most crowded sidewalks. The pilot program’s implementation will make its first debut in Westwood Village some time in early summer 2016. Next, the program will travel to the stars, dotting the Hollywood Walk of Fame with brand new bike parking! Biking to the Oscars has never been easier!

Additional meter post parking districts will be identified as we evaluate the program’s overall success and report back to Council. During a series of field visits to Westwood Village, LADOT staff observed a high demand for bicycle parking. Recently we saw five bicycles locked to parking meter posts along a single block of Westwood Boulevard. Meter post bike racks are a convenient and secure solution for people to lock up their bikes where they need to and visit their favorite local businesses.

Crowded Sidewalk with Bikes

We anticipate Westwood Blvd. will see great benefit from this program!

While we’re still testing and evaluating these new racks, the facilities will not be available for open requests like our standard inverted-U racks. That said, we encourage people to provide feedback about their experience using the new meter post bike racks once the program launches by tweeting us at @LADOTBikeProg.

We would also like to remind Angelenos that the Department’s Sidewalk Bike Parking Program (inverted-U racks) continues to grow and we’re upgrading our equipment along the way. To request an inverted-U bike rack, you can complete an online Bicycle Parking Request Form. To determine if your requested location qualifies for one of our program’s bike racks, please review our bicycle rack location criteria here. You can also email us at bike.program@lacity.org if you have additional questions or notice a rack has become loose or damaged.


Testing of a bike ring rack on a City’s parking meter stand.

We’ve come a long way since our first U-racks, introducing meter hitch parking, bicycle corrals, and now… the Cycle Hoop. Thank you #bikeLA for continuing with us on our journey to better streets for people!

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  1. Dennis Hindman
    Dennis Hindman says:

    Lamp posts are on all miles of arterial streets in LA, parking meters are not. I would like to suggest purchasing the Cyclehoop designed for lamp posts to create bike parking at all of those lamp posts on arterial streets in LA. Its much less time and effort to install a Cyclehoop on a existing pole or post than it is to install a bike rack. Also, bicycle U-locks do not fit around lamp posts. Currently most miles of arterial streets in LA only have a sign post to secure a bicycle, which is a very limited amount of places to lock a bike.


  2. Dennis Hindman
    Dennis Hindman says:

    Sidewalk bicycle parking is not only needed where businesses are located, its also needed on arterial streets where there are residences. If someone wants to go visit a friend by bicycle and whose residence is located on a arterial street, where are they going to store the bike? If there is a nearby lamp post with a Cyclehoop on it, then that problem is solved.

  3. Dennis Hindman
    Dennis Hindman says:

    Tokyo has less than 4 miles of bike lanes, yet there are 6,400 bicycle parking spaces per 100,000 population and the bicycling share of all trips is 16%. The city of Los Angeles has less than 350 bicycle parking spaces per 100,000 population and would need 256,000 bicycle parking spaces to reach the amount per 100,000 that Tokyo has.

    For comparison Chicago has 1,100 bicycle parking spaces per 100,000 population, Portland 725, Minneapolis 4,600, Copenhagen 7,000 and Amsterdam 30,000.

  4. Harv Woien
    Harv Woien says:

    I like the concept, but the hoop attachment looks very insecure. What is to prevent a thief from unbolting the hoop and stealing it along with the bike? A weld on each side would take care of this. Of course, a large u lock around the center of the hoop, which would also include the post itself would work, but this defeats the purpose of the hoop. Needs work, imho.

  5. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Hello from everyone at Cyclehoop! It’s great to see them being installed in LA and thanks for the feedback. We get asked all the time about how they are bolted together so I want to let you know we use ‘shear nuts’ that tighten until the hex ends snap off leaving a smooth cone that cannot be undone. We have installed thousands of these across the UK and have not had any problems with them.

    Our range of Cyclehoops is all about retrofitting / reusing existing street furniture and saving space by giving and existing object multiple functions. The Lamppost Cyclehoop has custom brackets that can adapt to different lamp column diameters, so that is also another option to provide regular sidewalk parking.

    We also like the the ‘bike corrals’ as they turn road space into bike parking without taking away pavement space. Check out our design the Car Bike Port:




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