Open House: Expo II Bike Path – Northvale Gap Closure

Our June 2018 open house for the Expo II Bike Path – Northvale Gap Closure Project was a big success! Over 50 people came to check out design updates, ask questions, and offer feedback on the project. For those who weren’t able to attend, feel free to look through the PDF of the presentation boards linked below. We are still accepting comments via email – please send to Charlie Ho ( by Friday, July 6th.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post with a summary of community feedback on the project!

June 26 Open House Presentation Boards: Expo II Bike Path – Northvale Gap Closure

Expo II Bike Path – Northvale Gap Closure Fact Sheet – June 2018


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  1. Debra Epstein
    Debra Epstein says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! Finally the path that connects two great rides!!!! Can’t wait!! So much fun to ride up and down the hills of Cheviot and knowing we can do it safely makes it even more appealing. Thank you!!! Great design.

  2. Bryan Freeman
    Bryan Freeman says:

    Mexico City implements a very simple buffer to physically prevent cars from entering bike lanes. We should be using this in LA. Google it. Also, we need to get rid of street parking on major streets. That space should be used for protected bus and bike lanes. No brainer.


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