January 8th BPIT Meeting Summary


We had another quarterly Bicycle Plan Implementation Team (BPIT) meeting on Tuesday, January 8th, 2013  with approximately 40 in attendance. Discussion topics included bikeways implementation updates, the First Year EIR priority package hearing schedule, Bicycle Friendly Streets (BFS) prioritization, grant funding updates, and general questions and feedback from BPIT participants.

Implementation Updates

The meeting began with Sr. Bicycle Coordinator, Michelle Mowery, providing a general update on bike plan implementation progress. This fiscal year, LADOT has installed over 25 miles of bikeways and continues to move forward with a number of on street projects, including Bicycle Wayfinding; Safe Routes to Schools funded Bike Friendly Streets; and the expansion of the Bicycle Corral Pilot Project.

Release of the First Year Draft EIR and Public Hearings

David Somers from City Planning announced that the Draft EIR for the First Year projects was going to be released on January 17th. Four public hearings have also been scheduled in February. The notice is available here.

Bicycle Friendly Streets (BFS) Prioritization

Staff started out the discussion with revisiting the prioritization process for selecting the first round of Bicycle Friendly Streets (BFS) that were included in the Five Year Implementation Strategy. Due to the heavy investment in time and resources, staff stated the need to carefully weigh options in deciding where to initiate BFS projects. Staff reviewed the criteria established by the Grading Prioritization Process, along with parallel programs, such as the Comprehensive Safe Routes to Schools Strategic Plan, and solicited feedback on additional criteria that could be applied in selecting which BFS projects from the Five Year Implementation Strategy to prioritize first.

A list of additional criteria included focusing on areas of high population density, bike ridership, employment density, intersections that require crossing a high volume arterial, areas where there is community support, in addition to several other important criteria. It was mentioned that the BFS should be seen in context of other City programs such as the creation of the new Health Chapter of the General Plan. After discussing the priority criteria, BPIT participants then suggested preferred priority facilities from the existing Five Year Implementation Strategy list and indicated some types of improvements that should be installed.

Funding Update

Nate Baird from LADOT gave an update on funding requests summarizing the applications that the LADOT Bike Program applied for under the 2013 Metro Call for Projects. All the bicycle-related projects were pursued under the Bicycle Improvements (BI) and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) categories. The applications in the BI category include bicycle friendly street treatments (roundabouts) for a total of 24 locations, bicycle-safe roadway grates, two bicycle bridges, additional path projects, and a bike parking request. The applications in the TDM category include a bicycle friendly business program, a downtown bicycle service center, a bicycle counter demo project, a folding bike program, an E-bike city fleet, and a city lot bike corral program.

BPIT Questions

Several minutes were reserved at the end of the meeting to ask questions and provide feedback to staff related to Bicycle Plan implementation. A member of the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) requested a summary of the list of programs in the Bicycle Plan where other departments were responsible for implementation, and to initiate a means to foster interdepartmental dialogue. Other questions were raised as to whether the City could initiate an  ‘Adopt A Bike Lane Program’ as an additional funding mechanism, and if LADOT could post on the Bike Blog when a new bike lane is to be installed.

Wrapping Up

Thank you to all of those who attended the meeting, and we look forward to seeing you next quarter!

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