Introducing “Bicycle Friendly Street” (BFS) name signs

Yucca St. BFS SNS under construction

Yucca St. BFS High Level Street Name Sign being fabricated at the LADOT Sign Shop

We’ve got some exciting news we’d like to share about new street name signage coming to Los Angeles’s Bicycle Friendly Street (BFS) facilities. LADOT is debuting brand new BFS street name signs on Yucca St. – a local street that parallels Hollywood Blvd. When designing our new street name signs (SNS), we specifically wanted to highlight the BFS facility’s designation to roadway users. The signs will come in two types; standard street name signs (signs attached to poles) and high level signs (hanging or attached to traffic signals). Our hope is that the new signs will draw attention to BFS streets, while still maintaining the familiar look of our signature blue street signs. These new signs will function as both general identifiers for BFS facilities, in addition to confirmation purposes for our [coming] wayfinding signage efforts.


L.A.’s first Bicycle Friendly Street!

The new signs are intended to brand our BFS facilites, allowing all roadway users to better understand the purpose of our BFS facility designation. Motorists should expect a street with our new BFS street name sign to have a fair share of bicycles riding on it. Bicyclists and pedestrians can expect a street that is comfortable and safe to be on.



Yucca St. BFS high level street name sign (SNS)

Cities all over the world have been using street signage to identify their key bikeway facilities. We have compiled a few of them here for your viewing pleasure:

Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Bike Boulevard (via Anaheim Outdoors)

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver bike boulevard signage (via Spacing Toronto)

Berkeley, CA

Sunday Strollin' With Anto

Berkeley Bicycle Boulevard signage (via Flickr)

Albuquerque, NM

Bicycle Boulevard

Albuquerque Bicycle Boulevard (via Flickr)

San Luis Obispo, CA

Bike Boulevard Signage

Bike Blvd. sign from San Luis Obispo, CA (via bicycleslo)

Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa, CA Bicycle Boulevard (via Press Democrat)

Madison, WI

Madison, WI bike blvd. (via digginginthedriftless)

Yucca St. BFS


Diverters with bicycle pass throughs on Yucca St.

In addition to the new BFS street name signs, we have also recently installed shared lane markings (sharrows) on the BFS stretch of Yucca St. from Cahuenga Blvd. to Highland Ave.. The SLMs, in conjunction with the bicycle pass through diverters and the new street name signs all make Yucca a calmer, safer, and more attractive street for bicycling.

Your Thoughts


A close up look of our new low level BFS street name sign

We’d love to hear what you think about our new BFS street name signs. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments section below! If you’d like to see more photos of Yucca St. BFS, check out our Flickr set. We’ll have continuing updates on the Yucca Street Bicycle Friendly Street project right here on the LADOT Bike Blog.

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