If You Build it They Will Come

Main St. bike lane

We’re looking forward to seeing similar results along the future Main St. bike lane

We’re happy to share some great news from the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. After conducting bikes counts on Spring Street – both before and after the installation of the green-buffered bike lane project – the numbers are in. Results show that more people than ever are biking on Spring Street. The weekday morning and evening counts showed a 12% increase in ridership.  Weekend counts showed an impressive 250% increase in number of riders.

In addition, The green-buffered bike lane has proven instrumental in encouraging female bicyclists. After installation of the lane, weekday ridership increased 100% and weekend ridership increased 650%. This is in stark contrast with existing data that shows that women have – over the past 20 years – consistently accounted for just below 20 percent of cyclists in the city.

Overall, these impressive increases in ridership demonstrate the link between bicycle infrastructure and increased cycling. If you build it they will come!

Also available is the 2011 City of Los Angeles Bicycle & Pedestrian Count Report. It includes a full report of findings and recommendations for making L.A. a more bikeable, walkable place. In it, you’ll find a call for the continued integration of bicycle routes, something we here at LADOT continue to work towards. We can’t wait to see how these numbers will improve as more facilities from the 2010 Bicycle Master Plan come online.


A family using the Spring St. bike lane via WalkEagleRock

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